It's Scarf Season!


Scarves. They're probably my favorite accessory in the world. You have the lightweight ones that you're able to add a touch of something in the spring/summer, and then you have the huge chunky ones that are able to keep you warm whilst looking cute in the colder months.
I've been getting into infinity scarves, or as I've recently learned, snoods this year. I'm very picky with scarves, they have to meet all the criteria - soft, warm, cute, chunky. As soon as I saw the River Island Chunky Cable Snood, I knew I had to have it, even if the £20 price tag was a little above the average on how much I would spend for a scarf. The first day that the temperature dropped to a "scarf appropriate" point, I pulled this out practically lived in it for the next couple days. It's ridiculously soft and cozy, plus it's huge and I love to just snuggle and pretend I'm a cat. 
This red one I've had for a couple years now. It's my favorite of the bajilion scarves I own, and one of the two that I had my mom send to me from Taiwan. My mom knitted this for me, which unfortunately means that you'll not be able to find this in stores. I have no idea what kind of yarn she used, but it's softer than a kitten's fur. And unlike the River Island Snood, while this is ridiculously warm as well, it doesn't feel heavy, despite being near 2 meters long! One of my favorite things about this scarf is the little red balls that my mom knitted as part of the pattern. But it's not just the design, it's how it's designed, I think my mom must've gotten a little out of control as to challenging herself as to how many of these balls she could stick into each frame. So naturally, each of the "frame" patterns on my scarf has a different, slightly random number of ball designs in them. 
I love the hand-knit scarves that my mum made for me. Are you a scarf person? 
I apologize for the weird lighting in these photos. The sun was being weird and funky the morning that the photos were taken.

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