[The Nails] Oh Rimmel, You've Nail-ed it Again.


I've fallen in love with Rimmel polishes ever since I got my paws on my first bottle several months back (read about it here). Is it just me, but I can never justify spending more than several pounds on a bottle of nail polish that I know I'll never be able to finish. So even when I was back in Taiwan, my extensive nail polish collection very rarely contained bottles of OPI, Butter London and such. Don't get me wrong, I love to be gifted them, I just hesitate a lot when it comes to buying them for myself. Anyway, back to Rimmel, they make amazing quality nail polish at a ridiculously inexpensive price point, plus I'm starting to realize they're more often on sale than not. 
I've heard raves about the Rimmel Salon Pro line and looking for a deeper fall/winter nail color, I picked up Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate Moss in 711 Punk Rock. The formula of the polish is simply dreamy. It's reasonably opaque with one coat, but I still like to paint a second coat to get the most of the color. I've been wearing this color for the past week or so without a top coat and the chipping is minimum. The brush on this might even be better than my HG Bourjois One Seconde Nail Polish brush. It's wide enough to cover most of the nail and it isn't as stiff as the Bourjois brush. 
I had the hardest time defining the color of this nail polish. After spending hours starting at it under various lights, I've come to the conclusion that it's a taupe-greyish purple. I think it's one of those classy, and even elegant dark colors that has a modern twist. 
Another polish that I've been falling head over heels for lately is the Rimmel Space Dust in 005 Total Eclipse. I had this polish in my hand ready to check out not three seconds after seeing it. The fact that it was a glitter polish that would've possibly been hell to take off didn't even deter me. In the bottle, it's the most mesmerizing thing ever, the flecks of glitter in the polish reflect and catch the light so beautifully, it seems to change color every second. It's basically living up to the name of the polish, as it really seems like the galaxy's colors captured in the bottle. I like to wear this over a darker base color to really make the colors of this glitter polish stand out. In fact, I've been wearing a combination of these two on my nails for the past couple weeks, and I have no intention of swapping my nail colors any time soon. 
Equipped with the standard wide-headed Rimmel brush, it's easy to get an beautiful, even coat with one layer. But shown below is two coats over a single coat of Punk Rock to really bring out the galactic color. What I like best about this polish is that it's quite easy to take off, quite surprisingly. I use the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover and it doesn't leave the annoying chunks of glitter behind on your finger.
Not having brought any nail polishes with my over the pond to London, I have a tiny stash that's growing and mainly consisting of Rimmel polishes. Have you tried these colors? What is your favorite "space themed" nail combo? 

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