[The Update] Lucky Charms and Doctor Who #7


I need to take pictures of things other than food. I'm starting to realize that all my updates have contained some kind of food. 
This week was a slow one, mainly because I only had to go to school three days since there was a teacher strike happening on Thursday. Anyway, this Monday, my friend and I seized the chance that my afternoon classes were canceled and I had a NUS card. We went to Pizza Express, each had a pizza, drink and we shared some dough balls for a mere £7.60. It's the first time I've had Pizza Express and the first pizza I've tried here in London that wasn't from Dominos. I think I'm hooked, it's just so yummy! What is in their dough? I can foresee a couple Monday and Tuesday takeaway pizzas from the Pizza Express. Especially as the essays and presentations start piling up since pizzas are always great for a quick dinner. 
I'm a Costa addict. Their hot chocolate, gingerbread latte, and brownies are simply to die for. I'm also a huge gingerbread fan, and seeing their limited edition pumpkin-shaped gingerbread cookie near the checkout, I knew I needed to try it out. Turns out, it wasn't as yummy as the rest of their stuff. Actually, just pass on it, it's not worth the money. On a related side note, does anyone have a good gingerbread cookie recipe they could share with me?
 On Wednesday, my friend and I headed over to Yumchaa to spend the day studying. I think I should apologize for the lack of variety in my life as I talk about Yumchaa so much, but I won't because I freaking love this place. I like to go to the one near the Goodge Street Station as it's closest and it's pretty big. There's something for everyone tea-wise, but my personal favorite has got to be Gunpowder Mint, especially when I'm studying. Green tea is my favorite base tea already, and the minty flavor instantly clears and gets your head in the game. Definitely a good thing to have when you're studying. And of course, I just had to leave a lipstick stain on the white tea cup. How embarrassing! Also, who could possibly say no to their brownies? Probably one of the richest and moistest brownies I've had in years! Yumchaa, tell me your secret! 
 I didn't dress up to go out for Halloween, but I did stock up on candy like a chipmunk and am steady digging a hole in the stash. My flatmate, who's completely hyped over Christmas nearly died of joy when he saw the huge Christmas tree already up at Covent Garden. And as we passed shops, he would excitedly point out all the Christmas decorations in the displays. It was like shopping with a five year old boy. 
I feel like I'm raving about one of the flatmates in each weekly update, but this week, one of my flatmates after coming back from his trip to Nottinghill (where I'm still due a visit) knocked on my door to tell me to go to the kitchen. There, not only did he place a plate of freshly cut strawberries with sugar in front of me, he also gave me the present of his favorite Agatha Christie book after he learned just a couple days ago, of all the murder mysteries I've read, I have yet to read an Agatha Christie one. He said he saw it in stores and thought it would be something that would brighten my day. I mean, how darn sweet is that? 
 One of my flatmates is from Belgium and midweek, we went to Belgo, a Belgian restaurant that has the approval of the flatmate. I got their sausage and mashed potato lunch special that was ridiculously good. I've never really heard of any Belgian cuisines, but good lord, if you haven't had Belgian food before, you definitely should have some. Not only did they invent French Fries, they also have really really really good mashed potato. Also, if you have a strong sweet tooth, you'd like their chocolate as it tends to lean more on the sweet side; and if you like fruity beers, they have a killer peach-flavored beer.
(How darn cute is this sign from Tescos??)  
I can't remember the last time I actually had Lucky Charms. I had heard through the grapevine that there were Lucky Charms in the UK, but after checking various Tescos, Waitrose, Sansbury, I was convinced that it was like the loch ness monster. (or if you're on affectionate terms, Nessie) But on an accidental and random trip to the Tescos around Covent Garden, I SPOTTED NESSIE. Being completely honest, I might have done a little happy jig in stores. A Saturday breakfast of Lucky Charms accompanied with light reading was a glorious start to the weekend.
 So it's no secret that I'm a big big fan of Doctor Who, and as we crossed the November mark, it only means one thing: we're closer to The Day of the Doctor (aka the 50th anniversary of the show)! After coming the closest to Christopher Eccleston (who played the 9th Doctor) last week at the Thor 2 Premiere (read about it here), I've had a very Doctor Who week that ended on the appearance of Christopher Eccleston, again, on the National Theater 50th Anniversary Show that I watched on BBC2. 
When it comes to impulse control or budgeting abilities, I'm definitely the first...if you start counting from the bottom. Or if you have the worst budget control as the first. That would be me. So of course, living up to the reputation and completely forgetting the words that I told myself last week, I made another cheeky haul this week. Oops. 
How was your week? 

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