[The Update] Tennant and Lounging #8


Ahh - it's that time of the week again. Me panicking and wondering if I took enough photos to do the weekly London Update for you guys. Also hating myself for procrastinating the reading I have for classes tomorrow. Unfortunately, this week, I've been forgetting my phone at home a lot more and/or forgetting that I should've been a good blogger and taken more photos. So this week's update is going to be a lot less graphic-y compared to earlier weeks. 
David Tennant, without a doubt, is one of my favorite actors ever! Launched to a whole new level of fame by playing The Doctor, David is going back to his Shakespearean roots and playing Richard II in theaters starting December. And this lucky ducky, yes, this one(!) is actually going to be able to see in mid-December! I bought the tickets months back, even before I actually set foot in Europe, and while it's always been nagging at the back of my head - you're actually going to get to see THE David Tennant - I don't think it actually hit me as to how real it'd be until I started seeing these posters pop up all over the place. Someone pinch me right now, life is too good to be true. Already having seen Christopher Eccleston (kinda) (read about it here), and just about to see David Tennant, I already have two of the three New Who Doctors...Now I just need to bag Matt Smith.

[warning] Feet photo ahead! [end warning]

I've been obsessed with socks lately. And not just normal socks, but those lounging socks. You know, the ones where you wear with jammie shorts and you wiggle your toes around all the time because they're just so warm and soft? Yeah, those. I picked up this pair at New Look, and it was so soft, I went back a couple days later to pick up another pair. The only annoying thing about them is that they shed the fluffy bits...and these socks are like the index for cleanness as they will literally hold onto every strand of hair that's on the ground. Ugh. But other than that, they're just so soft! Now I just need to get my feet in a pair of thick cute wool-y socks. Anyone know where I can get a good pair? 
New pajama bottoms also from New Look! Good heavens, someone has to drag me away from that store before I buy everything. Between endless piles of papers and having an annoying migraine, I spent my fair share of the week locked in my room and lounging in my pajamas. These ones from New Look are ridiculously comfy it pains me to take them off every morning to change into real clothes that are public appropriate. 
My flatmate went back to Belgium over the weekend and before he left, he sent me a text that read: Don't starve. I didn't know if I was to laugh at how ridiculous it sounded, aww at how sweet and considerate he was, or be outraged at how incompetent he thought I was in the kitchen. I think the end result was a mixture of the three. So on Saturday, long story short, with both my food people gone, I was left to either live off of candy and chips, or grow up and set foot into the kitchen. It doesn't look like much, but I LOVE Chicken Noodle Soup. What makes this bowl even more special isn't how yummy it is (it was mediocre), but because I MADE THIS.But to be honest, it would've been embarrassing if I messed it up because this was practically fail-proof. Slight sauteing of the veggies (I know, I speak the linguo!), dumping the broth in letting it cook, before finally dumping in the noodles. I think (hopefully) that this simple dish has pushed me to try out more dishes - macaroni and cheese is next up on the list! 

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