The Weekly Wash


I think I'm pretty diligent when it comes to washing my makeup brushes. It's usually an excuse to step away from my studies (or the illusion of studying), do a little bit of experimental makeup before washing away all the evidence. Both from the face and the brushes. I have a small collection of brushes and I never really noticed how many I use on a weekly basis until I took the photos for this post. 
These are the brushes that always seem to find their way into the weekly wash and tend to be my most used. I did a brush post several months back (read post here), but a few things have changed since then, hence, new post. My washing routine is pretty simple. Swooshing the wet brush around in a glop of baby shampoo before rinsing. Every couple of weeks, I'll condition the bristles to make them softer. I'm not going to talk about every one of these brushes because it would be a ridiculously long post, even by my standards. But I'll point out a few standouts. 

[MAC 217 | Sigma E30 | Bobbi Brown Eye Blender | Bobbi Brown Brow Brush | MAC 224 | The Body Shop Eyeshadow Blender | MAC 231]
Let's start with the smaller brushes, they tend to be the ones I start from because they're usually easier than foundation brushes to wash out. I never realized how many brushes came near my eye until I started listing them one by one. First off, the MAC 217 shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Basically, it's the perfect eye brush. It's also a really easy brush to wash, I initially thought it would be an absolute pain since it had white bristles. But nope, still good as new. The MAC 231 and Sigma E30 are the weapons of lower lash line shadow application, depending on if I want a more harsh line or a more smudgy Olsen-esque look. The most recent edition to the eye brushes is The Body Shop Eyeshadow Blender. I would always pet the brushes in The Body Shop every time I went in but never bought one for some weird reason. But a couple weeks back, I finally finished petting all the other brushes and bought the Eyeshadow Blender (why do I make it sound like I was adopting a puppy?). Despite the name, I don't actually use this brush to blend out my eyeshadow as it's a very stiff brush. I like to use this in alternate of the MAC 217 when I want a more concentrated eyeshadow application. It can also be used for crease action, but always followed up with a proper blending with the MAC 224
[Real Technique Expert Face Brush | Sigma F80 | Ecotools Blush Brush | Bobbi Brown Powder Brush]
The Sigma F80 is probably the worst brush to wash. Mainly because I don't have the patience to really work the shampoo into the bristles all at once. So what I do is wash it first, move onto the other brushes and then end the whole washing routine with a second wash of this brush. For the longest time, I didn't wash the Bobbi Brown Powder Brush. Disgusting, I know, but as I always used translucent powders, I always fooled myself that "there wasn't anything on the brush". (Please don't start asking why this ever made logic in my head - I don't even know myself) But after I "accidentally" washed this brush one weekend, I discovered that the lack of accumulated powder equals a really soft brush. So now, every week, I make sure I'm washing this brush. Another London addition to the brush collection is the Real Technique Expert Face Brush. While it's a multi-task brush in my opinion, the best thing that I love to use this for is contouring. Especially with cream products as it's so dense and the size is the perfect contour diameter. 
When I'm done washing brushes, I usually either clear off my window still or my desk and hang the brushes half off so that they can maintain their shape whilst drying. No one likes that flat side in a round brush, right? 
Which of your brushes make it into your weekly wash? 

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