You should go buy a magazine right now!


It's no secret that I'm more likely to just have a small tiny dent in my massive nail polish collection than pay massive amounts of money for a color that'll be sitting in my collection most of the time. Nails Inc. doesn't exactly fall in the "cheap nail polish" category but this particular line is currently only £2 at the moment. And you get a free magazine with it! Okay, probably wrong way around (depends on how you see it really). But if you buy the December issue of Glamour Magazine, then you get a free Nails Inc nail polish! 
I'm not a massive magazine reader, but upon finding out about this deal on other blogs, I knew I had to hunt down a copy of the magazine. Kate Spade teamed up with Nails Inc to create four nail colors - red, black, metallic silver, and a metallic gold - perfect for the holidays! The two that I saw at the news stand were silver and black. I've never used another Nails Inc polish before despite longing over Baker Street for the longest time, so I can't compare the quality of the £2 version to that of the normal £11 version. But from a quick application from last night, I can tell you that the consistency is dreamy, it's 90% opaque with one coat, and the rounded top makes it really easy to hold the applicator in your hand. The only thing that's a slight dent in the otherwise amazing product is the brush. It's not bad, per se, but when comparing to my HG Rimmel Nail Polish brushes, it just can't compete. It's a thinner brush, but not as thin as the Essie brushes. I'd say somewhere in between, I needed 2.5 strokes to cover my whole nail. 
But other than that, I'd say this is an absolute bargain for £2! What are you still here for? Go out and get your copy of the December edition of Glamour! 
By the way, brownie points to anyone that recognizes who's interview is on the backdrop page!

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