Lounging Through Christmas - the style, the food, the face.


Last Christmas, I gave you my heart...Don't judge me, it's my favourite Christmas song. Since we're on that note, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Thanks for sticking around with me the past seven months and spending the first Christmas on Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life with me! 

I thought I'd let you guys peek into what my Christmas day will look like, from the start to the end. With all public transportation suspended, my day will be spent lounging around in the flat. Maybe dragging myself outside to take a walk alongside the canal to burn off some of the calories that I've consumed. If I'm going out, I'm opting for the comfy oversized striped jumper from H&M with leggings and combat boots. Otherwise, I'll be swapping the jumper for the huge ASOS basic sweatshirt that I bought several sizes too big to snuggle in. No way am I putting on anything restrictive to hinder my duvet day nor my inhaling of great food. 
(Yes, I might have accidentally cut my thumb in the process)
Speaking of food, I've been on a roll and racking up a small foodstorm the past couple days. It started off with a craving of gravy that led me to braving the hub and making a delicious sausage gravy from scratch. You know how you get an immediate confidence boost from one success? Yup, being cocky led to the opening of biscuits, chocolate cupcakes, nutella frosting, and soon, red velvet cupcakes and cinnamon sugar nutella filled muffins. All's good, seeing that I probably won't be able to leave the flat on boxing day either. The people at reception are definitely going to love me when I bring them more deserts. 
Even though I'm spending my holidays in the flat with close friends, I still want to be somewhat festive and put together. Concealer and eyebrows are the minimum, but I'll remember to dab on a bit of bright lipstick when strolling down the canal. At least if other people see me along the canal, they won't think that I just rolled out of my lounging outfit and onto the street. 
While some like to step into a party or two during holiday season, I'm more of a "please don't make me go outside" kind of person. Told you I was boring. How did you spend your Christmas? Again, happy holidays everyone! 

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