November Favorites 2013


How is it already in the counting down distance to the turn of the year? Slightly freaking out here. Now that we have that cliche out of the way, let's move onto the highlights of the post. I had quite a hard time narrowing down my favorites this month as I've been testing out new things and switching things up. But I finally decided to only include the products I've had the majority of the month. Those that I acquirred later, fear not, they will be showing up in future posts. Remember to keep an eye out for that. 
[Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil | Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer | Topshop Brow Pencil | Rimmel Salon Pro in Punk Rock | Bumble and Bumble Brilliante | MAC Satin Taupe | Nivea Hydro Care SPF 15 | NYX blush Dusty Rose]
One of the newest additions to my skincare routine is the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil (link), I've mentioned this in my Currently Loving post here so I'll keep this brief: I can't wait to use this every other day, and can't wake up the next morning to see how glowing and repaired my skin is. Dare I say, this might be one of my favorite discoveries of the year? Another item that falls under the "care" category is the Nivea Hydro Care SPF 15 (link). I wasn't too keen on this lip balm at first as I thought it was too thick and only sat on my lips. But as my lips got drier and more cracked, I found myself reaching for this over the other half dozen lip balms I own. This rehydrates my lips like it's no one's business and the thick texture locks the moisture in. I've only had this for a couple of weeks but I've already used 1/4 of the tube. That's how much I like this. 
Makeup wise, I've been switching things up, but there are things that I still reach for as if on auto-pilot. Ever since I got the Topshop Brow Pencil, hasn't a day gone by where I don't use this. My brows end slightly shorter than where I'd like them to so I love to use this pencil to add a tail and an arch before continuing to fill it in with powder. There's also an amazing spoolie on this so there's nothing I can really complain about this product. You can read about my brow tools/routine here. I'm a concealer junkie and the pick of the month is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (link). This actually came neck to neck with another new addition - the Burberry Sheer Concealer. But this drugstore-find won with it's price, so I'm more likely to reach for this and save the Burberry luxe pick for special occasions. This much-loved concealer actually exceeded my expectations. Other than my beloved Maybelline Fit Me concealer, I've yet to find a drugstore concealer that will tick every box. But this one has pretty amazing coverage and it's creamy enough to counterpart with Maybelline's offering. The only complaint I would have is the teeny-tiny shimmer in the product makes me wry to use this on any place other than the under eye area. 
Most days, l don't plan my makeup. And most days, I keep the face and the cheeks quite neutral so I can either play up the eyes or the lips. While I still love my berry blushes, the NYX Dusty Rose Blush offering has been the most reached for. Highly pigmented, I'm still shocked that this high quality blush is from the drugstore. The  dusty rose color (duh) of the blush gives a lovely neutral flush that adds color back into the face while not stealing the stage from the other players. Another old favorite I've been reaching for lately is MAC Satin Taupe (link). I think I've featured this in my favorites before, but I just love using this slightly cool-toned eyeshadow as an everyday wash of color. It's an eyeshadow that's impossible to mess up. 
I've accquired a decent amount of nail polishes in the past months, and I'm not ashamed to say that the majority of the collection is formed by Rimmel. Since I bought the Rimmel Salon Pro in Punk Rock (link) several weeks ago, it was on my nails for a constant three weeks. I love the indescribable purple-grey color of this and the formula is just dreamy. I did a review and swatch photos of this here
Last but not least is the bumble and bumble Brilliante (link). I've been getting more and more into hair-styling products because of this find. I can't really explain what it does, it's like a texturizing/styling product that does heaven works and makes my hair look lush! This may sound extreme, but my hair just doesn't look right when I don't use this product. You can read the review and see the before and after photos in this post. I've been thinking of doing some haircare posts lately. If you guys have any questions or requests, let me know! 
This might be the last favorite (or if I'm going local, favourite) of the year as I'm thinking of doing a "Best of 2013" at the end of this month. Yes? No? Maybe?  Let me know in the comments! 
[start rant] I'm always undecisive on if I should use the British spelling on my essays or stick to the American spelling I know. It disproportionally stresses me when I have to write up another essay, it's ridiculous. [end rant]

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