[The Nails] Winter Pastels


I was all about dark nails this time last year. 12 month pass, and I'm ditching the gothic hues and embaracing the pastels. These light shades tend to be more associated with the season that'll come around in 6 months time, but I've discovered two pastels that have a winter vibe to them.

I'm sorry if some of you are already tired of me talking about Rimmel polishes. But they're cheap and frankly, one of the best formulas out there. And the fact that they're almost always on sale is always worth a couple brownie points in my book! Of my tiny army of Rimmel polishes, the two that have been in alternate gracing my nails are the Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish in 713 Little Bo Peep, and 621 Mary Mary Quite Contrary. First off, how cute are the names for these polishes? I'm a sucker for anything that has to do with sheep, it might have something with being born in the year of the sheep. 
I've always been quite wry of pastel shades as they almost always tend to look too "painted on" and almost "cakey" after layers to reach the opaque state. You know what I mean. But already having faith in Rimmel polishes, I picked up two of these pastels at once. And surely enough, the formula with these were as brilliant as always. I don't know how they do it. But two coats is all it takes to reach an opaque coat, and the best thing is that they don't look powdery or cakey at all. One would think I'm talking about foundation.....
Mary Mary Quite Contrary is a soft lilac pastel. While I'm loving this the past weeks, I can see myself wearing this shade quite a bit into spring as well. Where on the other hand, Little Bo Peep is more of a grey-ish, blue that would more suit the colder months. And quite reasonably, this is the one that I was more gravitated towards in store and it was also the one that I wanted to try out first. Except it refused to open and after spending near an hour trying (unsuccessfully) to open it (this procrastination example right here is why I'm always flailing the day before an essay is due) I gave up and decided it'd be better if I got back to studies and wait for one of the flatmates to come home. The only fault in this logic? I forgot this was the where I would be the only person in the flat till very late. I ended up having to wait hours before I could finally paint my nails to the state pictured above. 
Anyway. That little story out of the way. What are your winter nail picks? Are you going dark or deciding to go light? 
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