[The Newbies] Real Techniques and Ecotools


"I thought you were on a spending ban??" Yes, yes, technically, I should be on that spending ban thingy even though I just posted a haul post with two new palettes (here). But this purchase was from way back in October before finally arriving in the mail late November.

Ecotools is a brand that I explored in my early makeup days. While I've wandered away from their brushes, their blush brush was always a staple in my collection. So when I was on the hunt for new eye brushes, this Six Piece Essential Eye Set immediately caught my attention. It says six piece, but there's only 5 brushes and a travel bag (aka, the 6th piece). Like my blush brush, these are all ridiculously soft and of high quality. Of the five brushes, the Large Eye Brush is perfect for packing on color, the rounded Highlighting brush has been converted to a crease brush or a blending brush. I like to use the Angled Eye Shading brush to place my brow bone highlight or for the outer-v darkening. I don't get much use out of the smudge brush as I tend to prefer my Sigma Pencil Brush, and the small shader brush only comes in handy when I want to do a highlight in the center of my lid. 
Real Techniques is a brand that I'm new to. I only have the Expert Face Brush, and while it's not my favorite brush, it's one that I quite like. So when I made the purchase of the Ecotools, I also added the Real Technique Stippling Brush into the cart. It's a small brush that has short bristles. I've used this with cream blushes, foundation, concealer and powder. It's safe to say I love this more than my Expert Face Brush already as it's so multi-purpose. 
Anyway, the main reason I decided to draft up this post was because of what's following. I know that you can find these two brands on the highstreet here in the UK, but if you're willing to wait and want to save a few pounds than you can do what I did and order from iherb. They're an American-based webstore and their prices are more than half of the prices here in the UK. Which I find really weird especially when it comes to Real Techniques - aren't the pixiwoo sisters british? Anyway, iHerb ships internationally for a fair price (I think it was around £3-4). You might have to wait several weeks if you're one of the unlucky ducks. But most people get their order within 2 weeks. Don't say I'm not good to you when I nudge you to buy things, remember to enter JMF355 at checkout on your first order to get $5 off! 
[rant] I find it funny how British people here pronounce the 'h' in 'herb'. Growing up in America, you'd be made fun of if you 'h'-ed the h in herb, rather than calling it "erb". [end rant]

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