[The Newbies] Stila and Laura Mercier Palettes


"I don't buy a lot of palettes," she said as she added two eyeshadow palettes into her shopping basket. This is basically what happened last midweek when I was in the midst of essay writing. Stress does weird dents to your wallet. 

In all seriousness. I don't tend to buy a lot of palettes. In fact, before this purchase, the only one I had was the MAC palette and the Urban Decay Naked Basics (review here). I always hesitate when buying a palette - I need to make sure that I'll be able to use all the colors included. When I say all, I mean all. For example, I've been lusting after the Too Faced A Few of My Favorite Things palette for the longest time, but when it finally made its way cross the pond, I stopped myself from purchasing it because there was a bright, in-your-face purple I knew I'd never touch. 
That being said, my head was quite clear when I made these two stress purchases as they're both palettes I've been lusting after for quite some time. I didn't think this palette would make it across the pond, but brands are surprising us this year with their festive releases. The Laura Mercier Artist Palette for Eyes is a purple-centric palette, a color-hue that reminds me of the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I was initially going to purchase the Naked 3, but like the other two Naked palettes, I hesitated at the lack of matte shadows. Laura Mercier's offering has a balance of light and dark shadows, shimmer and matte. I've had this a little over two weeks now and I've already used every shadow in it. Not only that, (let me brag a little here), it's not the cheapest palette with the original price at £36. I'd say it's a very fair price as there's 12 eyeshadows of brilliant quality. But I snatched this up when House of Fraser was having their 15% off sale last week plus with the NUS 10% student discount, I paid just shy of £28! Even I'm amazed with how much I saved. 
I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with the Stila In the Light palette. I've only seen this in person once and I hated myself for not snatching it up as it always seemed to be out of stock. That is until last week. After purchasing the Laura Mercier palette and an hour of essay writing later, I needed another break and came across a youtube tutorial that reminded me I needed the Stila In The Light palette. After a bit of googling, I snatched this popular palette off Stila's official website with a £5 discount code. Again, it's more than safe to say that this was another of those brilliant purchases as I've already used every color in this palette since it finally came in the mail earlier this week. 
I have a lot of impulse buys. But these two impulse buys are two I'm not regretting. Especially seeing that I've managed to save near £14 with a quick google of voucher codes and student discounts! Let me know if you guys want a review of these two palettes. Have you made any palette purchases lately? 

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