[The Update] Starstruck and Scotland #14


Wow. WOW. WOW. This past week has been beyond amazing. There are still times when I look back and wonder if the past few days really happened. Hold your horses, Daphne. Let's back up a bit, yeah? 
(Will you just look at that glorious braid??) 
If you read my last The Update: Baking and Shopping #13 (read here), you'll know that I had second row tickets to see David Tennant (aka the man that has ruined my life) in Richard II and I had scored myself an autograph that I'm going to pass down as a family heritage. Those tickets were actually last minute tickets when my friend's friend couldn't make it to the show, I had already bought tickets for the show on Monday months back. So in short, I watched the play again on Monday with Annie. It was even more brilliant than the first time round as my attention was on the actual play, rather than just David's feet and his gorgeous hair. I never thought I'd be attracted to a man with a long plait. I was wrong. Afterwards, as the same with Saturday, Annie and I rushed to the stage door to try and get a good spot to get another glimpse of the brilliant man. We managed to get the first row and I was so nervous that my brain had forgotten how to form words. Annie had to glare at me and start out the 'You're amazing, David!' before I remembered how to say 'thank you'. It uttering a couple words to David wasn't surreal enough, I actually remembered how to ask for a photo. A PHOTO. It's not the best photo, but being in close proximity of one of the best actors ever was able to put a happy, airy smile on my face for the rest of the week. Even the people at reception could see that I was ridiculously happy.
The next day, my friend and I made way to the stage door again. I had a poster that I wanted to sign and I wanted to score another photo. And maybe teach my starstruck brain how to talk to this perfect perfect man. We arrived at the stage door slightly before the clock struck 10 and after 90 minutes of waiting in the cold, David himself finally came out. He was a bit late this time as there were friends visiting him, but he immediately darted towards the waiting crowd and started signing and chatting away. When he came to where my friend and I was standing, him and I had a short conversation that composed of me thanking him of being brilliant and him being his marvelous self thanking me for being perfect and sorry that I had to wait in the cold. Again, another photo was taken, this time close to the point where if I leaned slightly back I could touch cheek to shoulder(!!). We had another short conversation regarding hugs and sex shops, but I'm not going to reveal those details here. If you really want to know, well...After this experience, I think I can get onto a first name basis, rather than Tennant or David Tennant. Someone pinch me. 

 (a really burnt chestnut...but it was good.) 
(I don't think I've been more happy to see a certain food in my life) 
(it looks amazing, even if it wasn't that good)
I also finally made way to a Christmas market this past week. The day was spent munching away on sausages, churros, sugared almonds, and so much more indulgence. It got to a point where I was slightly self-conscious on what I should eat for dinner. That doesn't usually happen, I tell you. There was also a ridiculously fast merry-go-round in the fair and I don't even know how the children on the ride didn't get motion sickness? 
(Can we marvel at the gorgeous festive decoration in Jenners?)
(Even if it's the birthplace of Harry Potter, it doesn't excuse the poor choice of font...)
 (Holyrood 9A - if you're ever in Edinburgh, you have to go to this amazing burger place!)

(The 2 hours we were graced with the presence of the sun)

(Yes, I did go for the most cliche red tartan print...bite me.)
If you've seen my city girl on a train tweets that happened on Thursday, you'll know that I've been on my first UK train ride and was Edinburgh bound. I have a friend that's currently studying up in Scotland, and after always lusting to go, I've finally made way to the country north of England. Can I just say, this city is breathtaking! I've heard how beautiful it is before, but it's one of those 'until you see it' cities. The majority of the buildings here are over hundreds of years old and the culture leaking from the city is overwhelming! Just from a short walk down one of the side streets, you'll realize how JK Rowling was able to write up the settings for Hogwarts. My legs are ridiculously sore from trekking up hill after hill and down street after street. The weather here was horrible most of the time with massively strong winds and rain. But in the rare chances that the sun graced the city, it was ridiculously beautiful. I could aimlessly take photos and they'd still turn out to be gorgeous. I also had one aim when I came up to Edinburgh and I managed to get my hands on the tartan scarf the second day I was here. It's also the bright red print, talk about falling victim to the stereotype. 
Overall, it's been a very Scottish week for me and I'm hating that it's over. How was your week? Any plans for the upcoming holidays?
PS. I was going through some past Updates, and there were at least 3 in where I've mentioned David Tennant....for non-fangirls, sorry. 

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