A New Chapter


I know I said that I would let you guys know before I made the move from 'Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life' to 'subgenre of a dream'. But well, I was bored last evening and ended up making the move far sooner than planned. Call it as evidence of my impatience. Everything on the blog is the same, except for the name. I've changed my blog name on bloglovin' and on GFC, so if you see 'subgenre of a dream', don't worry. I'm still me. 
It's a bit sad to say goodbye to PBCL, but in all honesty, I've been itching to make a name change since last Summer. I've been sitting on the idea for months, never knowing what to change it to. I know I'm an impulsive person and I didn't want to change the blog name on a spur. So I kept waiting. Subgenre of a dream first came onto my radar late last August. At first, it was just a quip from Hadley Fraser regarding a particular song in Les Miserables (jump to the 1:34 here), but time passed and these four words were still swimming in my head, wanting to be noticed. It wasn't until I was typing up one of my Updates a couple weeks back and a lovely comment from Iqra about me being positively glowing with happiness did I realize that I have been significantly happier the past months in London than I have been in years. I was living a dream that never occurred to me before. 
For someone with a short attention span, it's impossible for me to only have one dream. But in all the dreams that I've had, being ridiculously happy through running a blog never occurred to me. Sure, there probably was the help of the London setting, but like I said in my new year's post (here), blogging has changed my perspective for the better. So here, my little corner of the internet that I'm joyful to share with you guys, is the subgenre of a dream. A subgenre that has never crossed my mind before. So thank you. Each and every one of you, whether you've stuck with me from the beginning or just joined in for the ride, thank you. You made this happen. 
And the fact that there's a Hadley reference in my blog doesn't hurt either. 

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