A Youtube Announcement


(That's a really weird thumbnail, youtube....)
Eek! I can't believe I'm uploading this and making it not private. Making youtube videos has always been at the back of my head since months back, but I just never got around to them. Chalk this one up to finding every mean possible to procrastinate an essay that's due in several days.
Anyway, I know there's more than a bit of rambling in this video (the video is more or less a huge ramble-fest), but I thought it'd still be fun to upload it. I have a couple of ideas as to what I'll film if I continue filming, but if you have any ideas/suggestions and such, as always, leave me a comment!

Sorry about the confusion, guys. But I've created a channel specifically for this blog and moved the original video to that. So those of you that had already subscribed to the previous channel, may I suggest you resubbing to the new one here

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