An Announcement: The Name Change


So, this is finally it. The Name Change Announcement. Honestly, I shouldn't even be making this announcement now since things are still in planning and more importantly, I honestly have to write up this essay. It's terrible. But here's the problem, I'm doing everything I can to not start this essay while panicking over the fact that I haven't started it yet. Oh, Daphne! 
Anyway, enough with the ramble. Some of you Sherlocks might have noticed that I've been changing names on my social media, namely my instagram and youtube, to the same username - subgenreofadream. Yes, the new blog name is going to be 'subgenre of a dream'. I won't go into detail of the reasons why I made this change and the story behind this as I will in a future post. I've already purchased the domain and am still in the process of moving content from one site to the next. I'll have a more proper announcement near the time of the move, but in the meantime, just know that there's going to be a new chapter starting in the next couple weeks! 
PS. This week's Update will be late. Terrible time planning on my part. Sorry! 

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