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With break coming to an end and preparing to start school again (while procrastinating finishing up an assignment. Again) (Really, Daphne? Already?), I'm enjoying the last few days of break with experimenting to find a new school routine. And in the midst of swapping and switching products, there have been a few products that I've been reaching for quite a bit. 
[Urban Decay Naked 3 | NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base | Burberry Sheer Concealer | Accessorize Elephant Earrings] 
I've fallen victim to the newest addition to the Naked family. Not owning the original or the second, I wasn't persuaded to buy the Urban Decay Naked 3 either. But at the same time, I definitely couldn't say no when I was gifted this for Christmas. I never thought I'd be suited for pink-toned shadows, but after playing with this for several weeks, I can say that opinion has swayed. I do tend to favor the right-side of the palette with Liar, Factory and Mugshot being the most reached for. But Trick and Nooner has been a recent favorite combo for a quick daytime look. Now that I have my hands on this, I really want to get either the Naked or the Naked 2 as well? Uh-oh. 
In the past months, I've come to terms with the fact that I have ridiculously oily eyelids and I do need an eyeshadow primer. I've tried the offering from UD and fell in love with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I was sure that the later was the one, that was until NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base came into my life. The hype around this is not lying. The lasting power of this is ridiculous, it keeps my eyeshadow fresh even after 8 hours. That's something that never happened when I was using the offering from Too Faced. I can see why this is Lisa Eldridge's staple shadow primer. 
Opposite of the hype surrounding the previous two products, I don't see why the murmur around the Burberry Sheer Concealer is quiet. This click-pen concealer gives the appearance of a sheer-skin-like finish while acting as a corrector and concealer in one, covering up the evidence of a late night. This was brought onto my radar by the lovely Anya and now I don't think I can look back again.
 I don't showcase a lot of accessories on the blog, but this was too cute to pass up. My love for elephants was only concreted when I came up close to them a couple years ago in Kenya. Since then, as long as it had an elephant on them, there was a high chance I'd fall completely heads over heels for it (the other two animals that have this effect on me are dolphins and horses, but more on them next time). So when I saw these intricate elephant earrings in Accessorize the other day, I couldn't leave without bringing them home. I just saw that they have a matching necklace to go with...welp! 

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