MAC 224 On a Budget


I'm hesitant to call anything a dupe unless it's virtually the same thing. Hence, by my standards, this is by no means a 'dupe', but it's definitely an alternative (and spoiler alert, even better in my opinion) to the MAC 224 brush. 

I've had the MAC 224 since mid-last year and while it's a good blending brush, we never quite had a love affair. For starters, it was a tad more scratchy than I'd like it to be, splayed out a bit more than I'd like it to when blending, but most importantly, it shedded like it was no one's business. Frankly, I have no idea how there's still bristles on it now as it leaves at least one strand behind every time I wash it. Now, I know I could've gotten the bad apple of the batch, but for the price, the scratchy and the splaying was not what I was expecting. 
This is where the Ecotools Highlight Brush enters. I've briefly raved about this brush before (read here), but initially intended to be a highlighting brush, this domed shaped offering from Ecotools has been used daily for crease application, blending, and it's original purpose of highlighting. Depending on the day's mood. It's a little stiffer than MAC's offering, but it's also miles softer. Slightly more densely packed, Ecotool's offering doesn't splay out when you're trying to apply crease color or when you're blending. It offers more precise control and the soft bristles still are able to diffuse the hard lines. 
I'm a fan for Ecotool brushes in general, but this highlighting brush definitely won over MAC. Best part of all? It's already a fraction of the price, but if you order from iHerb (link), not only do you knock a couple pounds off the UK price, also apply the discount code JMF355, you also get a $5 discount code for your first order. Don't say I'm not good to you. 

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