Old Dog, New Tricks


Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Okay, in all honestly, I have no idea if you can teach an old dog new tricks as I've never had a dog. (I know, considering how much I love dogs, it's sad that I've never had one of my own) But today, we're not talking about dogs. I'm the kind of person that's tempted to break the rules (although most times, I'll chicken out), but in the privates of my bedroom and during my alone time with my makeup collection, I've multi-tasked the heck out of my products and I'm sharing my favorite ones with you today. 
[Urban Decay Naked Basics | Too Faced Shadow Insurance | Rimmel Scandaleyes in Nude | Benefit Boi-ing Concealer | Real Technique Expert Face Brush]
 The Urban Decay Naked Basics (review here) has been in my stash for months and it has been loved for the same amount of time. But why stop at only being an eyeshadow palette? If I can contour my crease, what's stopping me from using a mix of Naked 2 and Faint to create cheekbones and a sculpted nose? Until I finally take the splurge and get myself the Kevin Aucoin Sculpting Powder, I'm sticking to this multi-task palette for faking Benedict Cumberbatch-esque cheek bones. To push the multitasking of this palette even further, I love using Foxy mixed with a tiny bit of Venus to highlight the cheekbones and create a subtle pout with a dab on the cupid's bow.  
The Benefit Boi-ing Concealer (review here) was loved and then forgotten about, before being dug out and loved again. Taking the smallest amount of this on a foundation brush and gently buffing it into the skin creates a light enough base to even out the skin tone, hide a couple spots and look presentable enough for a day at school or a quick run to the shops. Best thing of all? It's a no fuss application. Too Faced Shadow Insurance was my first ever shadow primer and it's pretty darn good at its job. But being the overachiever that all the products in this post are, I love applying this under my under eye concealer to help it last longer and to prevent creasing. Other than the concealer color being more vibrant, the primer does the same for concealer as it does for eyeshadow. 
Oh, the Rimmel Scandaleyes Nude eyeliner, how did I not have you in my makeup bag for the longest time. Ever since discovering this months back, I've never looked back. This little pencil is a complete bargain for the price. My favorite is the obvious, paint it onto the waterline to fake that wideawake look. My second favorite, and probably most used in the past weeks, is applying this in the inner corners of my eyes and blending it out with my finger. My eyes are quite round, so highlighting the inner corner always results in weird boggling eyes. But this nude liner brightens up the area without looking unnatural and it's wonderful. To the same logic, I've used this on the bridge of the nose, top of the cheekbones, under the brow bone, under the eye. Yes, under the eyes. I was testing out this new concealer that just didn't make the cut at covering the dark circles and the next thing I knew, I was grabbing this pencil and adding a light layer to conceal the panda eyes. It also works on scarring as well. Basically a concealer for the less bumpier parts of my face. The best part? It's a bargain at the drugstores. 
Last but not least, the Real Technique Expert Face Brush. I bought this with the intention to see if it could give my beloved Sigma F80 a run for its money, but I just couldn't get to grips with the shape of the head. And then I started using this to contour. The dense bristles picks up just enough product in prep for the sculpting, the shape of the brush fits snugly under the cheekbones, and it's just soft enough to blend the shadow. It's also a great traveling brush as it's definitely a multi-tasker. I'm still having difficulty with using this brush to apply liquid foundation. But this is a charm to use with thicker bases (i.e. the beloved Laura Mercier Silk Creme). Plus, you only need one brush to finish powdering, contouring and blending out the excess cream blush. Pack this and MAC 217 and you have all the brushes you need for a weekend trip. 
Do you jump out of the box when using makeup? 
What are your favorite old dog, new tricks? 

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