Operation Mascara


Oh mascara! Being notorious for the short shelf-life, I still have more than half a dozen of them open. Considering that I only have two sets of eyelashes and a couple of these are long past the six-month time period, I don't think that I should be buying/opening any new mascaras for the time being. 
I admire how some people have the ability to only have one mascara open at a time. I'm a person that needs options - even if I reach for the same one every day. L'oreal Telescopic, I'm looking at you. But on the days that I want smokier lashes, the Smashbox Full Exposure dainty little thing is a great option; and the days that I'm going simple on the eye makeup but want my va-va-voom lashes, I've been falling for the Benefit They're Real! I know, it was featured in my disappointing products post months back (read here), but both this and the BAD Gal mascara have itching their way back to my heart. And I think I know why, I'll share the trick some time soon! 
So with that rambling, what I'm trying to say is starting today, Operation Mascara is a go-go-go! I'm not going to be opening or buying any more mascaras till I finish these up. I'm curious though, how many mascaras do you tend to have opened at a time? 

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