[The Review] L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara


L'Oreal and I never seem to be love at first sight. My current favorite mascara (and almost HG status), the L'Oreal Telescopic and I had a complicated love/hate relationship at first (read here). Miss Manga and I were no different. 

I'm just going to get this out first, I absolutely hate the packaging. The shiny, mirror-like, magenta and silver bulky tube is absolutely blindingly tacky. But it's the exact reason that lured me to pick it up and shake my head at it every morning when I see the cringe-worthy tube in my stash. But that aside, like the Telescopic, I was not impressed with this mascara at first. First off, was the brush, it had one of those Maybelline Mega Plush flexible wands that I just don't like. I find they don't offer that much control and you spend more time trying to make the wand stop bouncing than actually coating the lashes. Also the bristles were all over the place and it just looked like it was clumping up with product. It didn't help that the first time I used it was when I was in a rush in the morning. I'm not used to a tapered wand and found myself coating more product onto the skin around than onto my lashes. It was safe to say I was not impressed at all. 
But after ditching it to the side for a week, something in me snapped and again, I was lured to the tacky tube. This time, I spent more time and was more careful when applying. It was a happy ending, other than me mentally slapping myself for casting it away too soon. Sure, the wand is flexible, but unlike the Maybelline Mega Plush, Miss Manga's had a bit more hold and was less bouncy. It really helped when I was trying to grasp the lashes on the inner corner. The bristles, as you can see above, look haphazard and clumped in product, but magically, when it comes into contact with your lashes, there isn't any tiny bit of clumpiness. How do they do it???? I'm still getting used to the tapered wand, but I'm getting the grip on it. The larger end when coming into contact with the outer corner, really flares out the lashes while the smaller end ensures every tiny inner corner and bottom lash is coated. The best thing? It does not smudge. Not even on my lower lash line. 
I've been reaching for Miss Manga most days lately as it separates the lashes like it's no one's business and adds some volume (nope, the mega volume is the part that doesn't live up to the claim). Much more suitable for a softer, fluttery, daytime look than the Telescopic. 
I think L'Oreal is just about to take down Maybelline for best drugstore brand for mascara in my opinion. Now I just have to stop being so judgmental and stop having complicated starts to these love affairs. 

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