[The Update] Eurostar and Afternoon Tea #17


The past week flew by so quick, I felt like I was just typing up my last Update. I literally had to go back to the one from last week to find out where I left off. I know I talked about Paris last week, but there was one incident that happened after/while I was typing up the last post that I forgot to mention and well, I'll let you decide if this little story was worth trekking back to.
So from the last Update (read here), you'll probably remember that Emily and I nearly missed our last call for the Paris-bound Eurostar. One would think that after that incident, it wouldn't happen again. At least not within a week. We were wrong. The last day in Paris was spent having lunch with old friends and well, we had made note of the time of the train. But I guess the bad time management skills spilled over and again, I ended up flying through boarder control, luggage scans, and dashing down the corridors of the station before plotting down in my seat heaving from the lack of breath. The only problem? I left my friends behind. Well, to be fair, I had pointed out Annie to the Eurostar security control people and Annie had waved for me to go ahead. So there I was, heaving and wishing I had two more pairs of lungs, while anxiously staring out the window as the train conductor announced that the doors would be closing in a couple of minutes. Minutes later, the train started moving and still no sign of the two people that were supposed to be sitting next to me. I could call them, but here's the thing: Emily's phone was on the verge of dying and Annie's phone didn't have credit to call. Of course it had to be complicated. So I sent a couple of urgent texts to Annie's phone, telling them to call/text me with Emily's. Long minutes passed before my phone rang, turned out they missed the last call by a minute and was bumped to the next train in an hour. An hour passed and I started sending them texts again, demanding them to let me know if they were finally on the train or if I had officially left them in Paris. The two of them took near half hour to reply me, and in that half hour, I was tormented on how I should explain to their parents and mine if I had actually left them in Paris. Sigh. So glad that that drama ended. 
I was more than happy to be back in a city that I was familiar with, not having to skwak and fumble over ordering an arachide de chocolate muffin. Emily was still staying over, with the new addition of her cousin. The three of us have a long, complicated, and slightly amusing story, but I'll save that for another day. We spent the week frolicking about on the streets of London and also went to The Athenaeum for afternoon tea. I think it was evident in those several hours that I was not meant to be posh. Or at least I should definitely not be allowed to have caffeine AND sugar at the same time. Fact: I am crazy sensitive to sugar and caffeine. I will be the human Tigger if I'm allowed too much of one. Now think how bad it was when I had abundant amount of both. Let's just say that the photos above were either taken before the consumption of nerve-stimulates or it took a massive amount of concentration for me to look calm and tranquil. As Annie oh-so-eloquently put it, I was basically a dressed up crazy lady let on the loose without her medication. It would be okay if it was just that, but that day, I was in the accidental possession of Annie's phone and now it's filled with over 60+ photos of my ugly selfies. They're hilarious, don't get me wrong, but over 60? Clearly I was not in the right mind. I was tempted to put one of them up here, but let's not ruin the image I've built on this blog just yet. 
Emily and her cousin went back to Scotland midweek, but not before we had Nando's. Ah Nando's! I didn't think I could love a restaurant more. Their ice cubes, are surprisingly, one of my favorite things about the restaurant, other than their chicken wings, that is. They just have the most munchable ice cubes, I always have a ridiculous amount each time that I walk out cold from the inside out and then continue to shiver for the next half hour. But that still doesn't stop me from having cups and cups next time. 
This week I also finally started my youtube channel, as a result of procrastinating essay writing. The first video is basically me rambling about random things. I've had feedback that I'm funny, not what I was intending, but I think that's just who I am? I have a couple of ideas for future videos planned out and there's one in particular that I can't wait to film. I'm not letting the cat out of the bag yet, but I'm sure you'll know it when you see it. In the meantime, check out the announcement here and the video here if you haven't yet! 
Another announcement that happened this week was the one of my new blog name (read here)! I still need to work some kinks out, but the switch should come along in the next couple of weeks. 
The rest of the week was quiet as I was again, swamped in essay writing. I spent days pouring over the readings and studies that I wanted to use, and surprisingly, this one was written up quite smoothly. I guess it was because I had already formed my argument through the course of the term. An additional motivation factor was that I needed to get the essay finalized before 20:30 Sunday. I don't think I need to tell you why, but just in case: Sherlock. It's going to be the last episode before the fandom again, has to suffer through hiatus for the next million years. And from the people that have already seen it, it's going to be nervewrecking. As all Sherlock finales are. I just, if they harm Mary or Molly, I'm going to flip all the tables. Take my word on that. 

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