[The Video] 42 Facts About Me


It's like I constantly feel the need to expose more details of myself that might potentially drive you guys away with the craziness. Don't ask what's wrong with me. I have no idea.

(I should really start taking custom thumbnails because I have the weirdest expressions in the automatic ones....:/)
I did a '50 Random Facts About Me' post back when I first started blogging (read here) and thought that doing a version of it would be a good way for the youtubing world to get to have more insight of who I am. The one thing I didn't count on was I'm sounding weirder and weirder and well, I might scare away some of you. Oops. But in case you're interested and want a summary of the video, there's a lot of hand gesturing, laughing, and 'oh God, why did I tell you that' moments in this clip.
Annie guest starred in this episode(?) and helped me come up with 42 facts about myself. Can we take a moment to talk about how good she looks without a single touch of makeup on???? The original footage of this 15 minute clip was near 45 minutes...I had to cut out a lot of nonsense rambling and some eh, too random facts. There was also a lot of blooper moments that I might debut in the future. We'll see.
One thing that I'm proud of: I stuck to one accent the majority of the time! Yay! At least in that field, I didn't confuse any of you further.
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