It's Nice To Have You Around


I have a lot of brushes. Possibly more than I'll ever need. I'd be lying if I said that all of them were essential, but that said, there are several brushes in my collection that, while not essential, are very nice to have around. 
 Starting from the smallest, this Ecotools Angled Crease brush is amazing on the days when I want to go heavier on the eye makeup. The angled but flat side of the brush allows 'stamping' the outline of the outer v much more easier than guessing and messing around. It's also fluffy enough for blending out the colors after stamping them on. I won't do an elaborate eye look most days, but on the days I do, I'm more than happy that I have this handly little brush on hand.
It's no secret that the MAC 217 is one of my all time favorite brushes. I've been toying with the idea of getting another one for months now, but could never justify spending that much on a brush that I already have. After doing some research, I decided to go for the Blank Canvas Cosmetics E26, an almost perfect dupe for the MAC217 for less than £6! I've been using this to blend out concealer the Lisa Eldridge way and already, I'm toying with the idea of picking up several more of these, you know, just in case. 
I've tried various brushes to blend out my undereye concealer, but my favorite has got to be the Nanshy Pointed Brush*. It looks like a huge paint brush but the density and softness blends out concealer like it's no one's business. And the pointed end is able to reach into the inner corner to really push the concealer in there and around the nose. Another brush from Nanshy that made it into this post is the Angled Buffer Brush*. This makes the perfect brush to really stamp out the cheekbone contour, either powder or cream. And just like the pointed brush, the softness of the brush makes it a dream to blend out the tell-tale edges of artificial cheekbones. 
All of these brushes while not essential, are really nice to have in my collection. Plus, they're all very affordable and of ridiculously high quality. I wouldn't be recommending anything of low quality to you guys, would I? So tell me, do you have any of those 'not essential, but its nice to have you around' brushes in your collection?  
*PR samples, full disclaimer here