[The Newbies] Tarte From Across the Pond


 Oh Tarte! Why can't we just be happy together? I really don't like this long distance relationship thing we have going on. Our story starts a couple years back. People were talking and through their descriptions, I fell in love with Tarte, but it was always from a distance. I never had the chance to see Tarte vis-a-vis (a fancy word for 'face to face'). Not until last year when I finally made a trip halfway across the world and was finally able to understand the love that everyone had for Tarte. I left with a small bit of Tarte and continued to love from afar, all the time aching for more. Two years later, I wasn't satisfied with what I got, I needed more. So long story short, I put my mind to it, found a way around the barriers blocking my relationship with Tarte, and finally had a little more of it in my life. 
Right, right, I'll stop with the cliche love story telling. Tarte is probably my favorite brand of all time, maybe it's because the grass is greener on the other side, but probably because it's a glorious brand. My friend was willing to play the middle man and post the package to me here in the UK. I managed to get a grip of myself and not order everything from the website. After long consideration and a lot of 'you're kinda, sorta on a spending ban' gentle reminders from Annie, I finally cut the list down to 4 products. 
The Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes was the start of my love affair with the brand a couple years back. I think I've been on a nude kick lately (more on that later - and no, not nude as in naked), I've been looking for that 'au natural' blush for a while and Tarte's offering in Exposed seemed like the perfect blush. A week of using it nonstop later, I'm able to tell you, it is the perfect blush. 
I definitely wanted to try more of the Amazonian-clay line, although admittedly, I have no idea what's the benefit of this magical clay. There's just something glamorous about it. As you probably already gathered from my foundation post earlier this week (read here), I'm a base-freak. So of course, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to snatch up the Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation. It has SPF15 included, the shade Light Sand matches my skintone perfectly, and it wears oh-so-beautifully. Mineral foundations were always on my to-try list, but I never knew where to start as there's high chances I might be allergic to the Bare Minerals offering. But when I was doing my online spree, the Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation, I knew this was my entry point. I was waiting for my package to make its way across the ocean when I saw Estee do a tutorial with it and I was so antsy to get my hands on it. Oh, I'm telling you, disappoint, this does not. Now I'm tempted to try out the other mineral foundation offerings, Laura Mercier, maybe? (It's not like you need to add any more bases to your collection, Daphne....) 
The last on the list was something long lusted after, but I almost didn't buy. The Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance Lipsticks have been flirting to me for long months. And Bold was the one that I always wanted - a coral shade that was definitely my go-to. But like I said, I've been on a nude-kick lately, so when I was looking at swatches, I had a hard time deciding which one of the colors I wanted. I almost didn't get this, but like she always has the ability to do, Anya convinced me to get this lipstick. Okay, she didn't really convince me. It was more like a cry of 'get it!!!!!!!!!!!!" and so I did. I'm definitely not looking back from this purchase as it's most possibly one of my most gorgeous corals in the collection. Thanks for the push, Anya! 
And so my love affair with Tarte continues. Although, good for me and not so good for my bank account, the relationship won't be so long distance starting March as I'm sure most of you know that QVU will be importing selected lines from the brand. I'm hoping that they'll bring in the blushes and lipsticks as well as the Maracuja Creaseless Concealer. As a self-proclaimed concealer freak, I'm kicking myself for not getting that when I made this haul. Oh right, if you want a review of anything from this haul, let me know!