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I feel like I've been a makeup rut recently. But not a sane person's rut. Nor a normal person's rut. I've had a surge of new makeup products in the past month before I started my 'new makeup, no more' spending ban, and well, when presented with too many choices, I panic and don't know what to do. Contradictory much, Daphne? Anyway, there are a couple of products that I've really been loving lately, but am not sure if they'll make the final 'March Favorites' cut.

I'm usually a powder girl when it comes to brows, but I've been gravitating towards the Topshop Brow Pencil a lot more in past weeks. I've raved about this more than once on the blog, and it's the only pencil that this girl has fallen in love with so far. The shade is right, not too brown, not too ashy, not to warm, and there's a free spoolie at the end that's amazing. Not all spoolies are created equal, and this spoolie is definitely an aristocrat. 

The Rimmel Eyeshadow Paint in Rich Russet has been a love since I got it. I mentioned this in my favorite taupe shadows post here and I'm still continuing to love with this no fuss formula. It's great for those long days that start early and you don't have time to faff about with half a dozen eyeshadows before you've even had your first cup of coffee. 

Sticking to the eyeshadows, another newbie (haul here) that has quickly made way to the top of the go-to list is Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear. A brown that almost has a brick red undertone, it's surprisingly easy to use without creating the illusion of being sick. I particularly love to use this on the lower lash line, but it's also really pretty to use in the crease.

I've been keeping the lip products relatively simple, only ever alternating between Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey, and another that you'll simply just have to wait till March Favorites to read about. Honey is a simple but gorgeous mauvey pink that's so easy to draw on as it goes with everything. It's able to tone down an eye look that's slightly too dramatic for school, or able to add a bit of glam to a 'mascara and concealer' kinda day. 

A lilacy-blue nail polish that's absolutely gorgeous and almost a color dupe for OPI You're Such a Budapest, the Face Stockholm Nail Polish in #148 Cream Periwinkle* hasn't left my nails in weeks. Everything about this is amazing, that is if you can overlook the annoying little fact that because it's a cream-based nail polish, it's prone to dents. You know those that come when you dig your thumb into that clasp to try and open the stubborn eyeshadow palette? Yeah, those. But I'm willing to overlook that as it's just a gorgeous shade, perfect for the warm weather that we've been having these days. You can see me wearing it in this video. 

Last but not least, with the end of term coming around, it also means essay deadlines, which basically is an alternative for haha! You want to sleep??? I'm a massive coffee lover, but due to health problems that I had last year, I've been painfully, cutting back my caffeine intake. But between no sleep and needing to stay up for readings that are morbidly fascinating and depressing at the same time, I've been having more than several cups of Costa Gingerbread Latte a week. But as I've cut down on my caffeine intake, the tolerance level has dropped to a sad sad low, and well, caffeine addiction plus caffeine intolerance results in hyper, overactive, self-discussions on twitter and pesky (and amusing) texts to the flatmates. Just one more week, Daphne, hang in there! 

What have you been loving lately? 

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