March Favorites 2014


[Sally Hansen Mega Shine | NYX Taupe | Bobbi Brown Blush | Topshop Glow | L'Oreal Dream Lumi Magique | The Body Shop Aloe Lip Care | Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color | Urban Decay Revolutionary Lipstick | Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder]
Ah March, the month that has been good and bad to me. I can't say I'm glad it's over, but I am a bit. I was sick half the month, and on top of that, battling with deadline week of uni. But I've also spent loads and still not enough time with Jaye, and got to spend some time with the flatmates before they went home for easter. Beauty-wise, it has been a ridiculous month of rotating products and finding firm loves. 

Let's get the odd ones out of the way first, Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color in Rosy is without a doubt, my most worn lipstick ever since I got in on my massive shopping trip with Anya weeks back. Photographing more red, it's actually a beautiful rose-pink that is absolutely gorgeous. It's wear time is pretty impressive for a sheer lip color, meaning that it only starts getting to the 'touch up or smear away' mark around 5 hours. Another product that was a result of the same shopping trip is the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Concealer, Anya wouldn't let me leave Boots without getting it and I'm glad that she made me. Of all the highlighting concealers I've tried, this one offers the most coverage while looking like real skin. Plus, the rose gold packaging is stunning! 

I've been incredibly loyal to my Bobbi Brown powder, but in the past month, I have to say I abandoned the higher end offering for the Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact. Now, while some people hate it, I absolutely love the fruity smell it has. Sometimes, I just whip it out to get a good sniff before putting it back into the collection. Despite being a coloured powder, because it's so finely milled, I've yet to result in cake-face due to this powder. 

Bobbi Brown Apricot has probably been my most used blush since late last month to this month. A gorgeous bright pink that is nowhere near as apricot as the name strongly suggests, it's perfect to add bright color back into the cheeks while still being quite natural. Plus, the lasting power for this in on par with my Tarte blushes and that says a lot! Other than being completely washed out, my skin has looked really dull in the past month due to being sick. I've rekindled my love for highlighters and the only one that I've been using is Topshop Glow. A beautiful cream highlight that comes in the most adorable little pot, I've used this also on my eyelids under eyeshadow as a base and it's just gorgeous! It gives a beautiful sheen that melts into the skin, so while light-reflecting, it's one of those products that leave people wondering if you're really wearing any highlight. 

When I said 'odd ones', it's because the last of the bunch can be categorized as the 'darnit, Jaye! I could've saved so much money if I didn't go out shopping with you!' products. If you've watched my Currently Loving at the Drugstore video with Jaye (here), then you've probably heard how she made my buy The Body Shop Aloe Lip Care. Granted, everyone has been talking about this, but I didn't need a new lip balm. Until I went to Jaye's house and we went to The Body Shop outlet around where she basically didn't allow me to walk out without buying it. It's really good and worth the hype around it. The only slightly sad thing is that I lost the cap to it a night out with friends and well, it's a sad headless chap that won't be able to go into the handbag anymore. Another product is the Sally Hansen Mega Shine Topcoat. I've been looking for a new topcoat in the past weeks as my old Rimmel one was getting goopy. Jaye, verbally pushed me to buy this, and well, quick drying and incredibly shiny, this was another hit recommendation. I raided Jaye's stash whilst I was at her place and I've fallen completely heads over heels for the Urban Decay Revolutionary Lipstick in Fiend. A gorgeous mauvey, rosey- shade that's perfect for everyday wear, I might have already have my own. Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow's post! Last, probably my all time favorite product from her stash, NYX Blush in Taupe. In short, I go from hamster-face to Benedict Cumerbatch-esque cheekbones. It's perfection in £6. 

Whew, 9 favorites, that was a long one! Genuine question, do you guys want shorter posts from me or do you guys really read through my long rambly bits? Also, since I'm now kinda getting the hang of youtube-ing, do you want video favorites or post favorites? Please please please let me know! Oh, and of course, what were your March Favorites? 
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