Shopping Jaye's Stash


I went around to Jaye's last weekend to rummage around her makeup collection, film some videos (remember to check back tomorrow to see Jaye's youtube debut!), all the while hiding away from the essays I was supposed to do. This girl has a drool worthy makeup collection and she was generous to part with her beloved to let me try out. 

I love to cheekbones, I'm not sure if it's the Benedict Cumberbatch addiction, or there's just an element of sexyness when you have cheekbones and not a hamster face. I was asking about contour shades the other day on twitter and a flock of people were yelling NYX Blush in Taupe at me from left and right. Of course, Jaye had it in her collection and let's just say, for the past week, I've been loving the transformation from fluffy creature to human. 

Lipstick is something that a girl can never have enough of. I've been hit by the mauvey pink trend lately, and while I love my Revlon JBKBS in Honey, I wanted something more. The Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Fiend is just that and I'm doing everything I can to not break the 'new makeup no more' spending ban and rush out to add this little tube of beautiful into my collection. 

As we all do, Jaye has a small army of samples and gave me the mini YSL Baby Doll Mascara to try out. We were talking about high end mascaras the first time we met up, and she remembered that while I was tempted to try out the hyped up YSL mascara, I wasn't prepared to spare with a butt load of cash for something that I needed to bin several months later. She also threw in another mini Dior Showcase Mascara because 'it's amazing' and I needed to try it out. I've yet to open these two as I'm still making my way through Operation Mascara, but I have this sinking, yet giddy feeling that Jaye has opened another door to my ever-growing appetite for high end products.  Sorry, bank account. 

Last but not least, and the item I'm most excited about the NARS And God Created Women Palette. Yes, that palette everyone raves about. I've been pondering over this little one for the longest time. I wasn't convinced by the hype around it as it just seemed like another neutral palette, except that it was tiny and expensive. But after a sunday morning of wearing a delicate eyeshadow look while in my pajamas, I'm halfway convinced I need this palette. Now I just need to decide if I get the Kalahari duo, or this actual palette...

Lesson learned? Never go to Jaye's when you want to try and curb the urge to buy more new makeup that any other sane person wouldn't need. But then again, I never claimed to be sane...

Have you ever shopped a friend's makeup stash? 

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