[The Face] it's a simple kinda day.


There are just those days when you want that simple kinda makeup. Whether it's just because you're short on time, or it's just the look that you want to go for. I've been wearing this look for the past several days as I'm drowning in school work and am just craving for the simple days. 

I've been road testing the Bourjois CC Cream since I got it last week and so far so good. I was hesitant to purchase this at first because previous Bourjois foundations broke me out, but I've been using this for a week so far and I've yet to see spots resulting because of this. But knocking on wood that I'm not jinxing it. For these simple days, the color correction technique is sufficient enough to camouflage the spots and scars I have. I have a small collection of concealers, but the only one that I've been reaching for ever since I've got it is the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Concealer. It offers enough coverage, has a beautiful highlighting effect, and is dreamy to blend out under the eyes. The finely milled Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder is perfect for setting everything while leaving a beautiful satin finish. Bourjois is a brand that I'm loving but scared of as it has broken me out before...I'm praying that this combination won't result in the dalmatian face. 

Eyebrows have been a thing that I just need to do ever since I've found how much difference it makes. While I usually opt for powder, I've been rekindled with my love for the Topshop Brow Pencil. Of all the brow pencils I've tried, this one has been a game changer. Not only is the shade perfect, it's also the best product to add thickness and tails to my brows while looking soft and natural. A quick curl of the eyelashes with several coatings of Benefit That Gal Mascara and I'm done with the eyes. While I'm skipping blusher, I'm still religiously using The Body Shop Honey Bronzer to contour and add some color back into the face. 
I've been loving to pair this simple look with a simple oversized tee shirt top and some leggings. I'll add a statement necklace to add some glam into the look when I need to go out and look composed. But for school, this is enough. 
Have you been wearing the simple look as well lately? 
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