[The Newbies] Makeup Geek Shadows


(left, top to bottom) Country Girl, Cocoa Bear, Preppy 
(right, top to bottom) Peach Smoothie, Creme Brulee, Latte

Do you really need more neutrals, Daphne? That's the question I kept asking myself when I was browsing the makeup geek website. But after online swatches and flipping through the abundant neutral shadows I have, I came to the conclusion: Well, duh! Obviously! I know, I have a problem. But we'll get to that some other time.

I've been wanting to try Makeup Geek eyeshadows for a really long time as everyone keeps saying that they're just as good as, if not better, than MAC eyeshadows. But I kept putting it off, thinking that I just didn't need any more shadows. But after a eyeshadow dry on my end, I realized I was missing something of a transition shade and well, it was the perfect excuse to look for new eyeshadows. Not able to decide which would work the best, Peach Smoothie, Creme Brulee and Latte all made way into my basket. Peach Smoothie is a soft peach shade that's almost the same as my skintone, this makes for a gorgeous and natural transition shade. Creme Brulee is a slightly darker, still a peachy tan shade, it'll work as a crease shade on a lighter eye look, or a transition shade on the days I wear a slightly darker look. Latte, the brownest and darkest of the three shades is a gorgeous crease shade, but it will also make a great outer corner shade on the simple, natural look.

I must say, the next three shades I half bought because of the names. A khaki color that looks muddy green in the pan, Preppy works surprisingly well as a crease shade. I guess it's the slight ashy undertone that makes it look more like a natural shadow than a sheer vomit green. Bad description? Sorry. A very red toned, almost cranberry brown with shimmer running through, Country Girl is a surprisingly easy to wear shade, either as an outer corner or a crease shade. Saving the best for last, Cocoa Bear is a brown with a brick red undertone. Some say it's the perfect dupe for the discontinued MAC Brown Down, I can't vouch for that, but sweet unicorns, it's gorgeous! I've been wearing this under the lash line and slightly smudged into the crease. One would think a brown with such a strong red undertone would be hard to wear, but nope. Definitely not the case. 
(Left to Right) Cocoa Bear,  Country Girl, Preppy, Latte, Creme Brulee, Peach Smoothie

As you can see from the light swatches above, all the shadows are extremely pigmented. Five of the shadows I bought were matte shades, but they were all of high quality, and dare I say, even better than the MAC matte shades that I own? Chalky is not a word that would come close to my description of the quality of the shadows. 

I bought these shadows in pan form and they fit perfectly in my MAC palette. They retail for $5.99 each, which translates to around £3.60, making it more than affordable, even with the shipping fee that's no more than £8, if I remember correctly. Although, a heads up to those of you that are going to be spending more than £35, I was charged £12 customs tax for these six shadows. In all, the price, including customs and shipping still makes these shadows very affordable, especially if you compare them to MAC shadows.  

If you want to see the eyeshadows in action, you can check out my first get ready with me video here where I used half of these shadows.
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