[The Outfit] it was the first.


Goodbye February and hello March! It's a new start that's going to be filled with school work and resisting the urge to spend any unnecessary money. But on the happier note, we started off the month with beautiful sunny weather here in London! My friend made me take a mini photoshoot when we were out and about earlier today and well, it'd just be rude to let her photos go to waste. So I guess here are snippets of what I was wearing while trekking the streets of London on the first of a new month. 

[Scarf: Forever 21 | Coat: ASOS | Bag: bought it back in Taiwan | Jeans: Topshop Jamie Jeans | Boots: Fat Face Catrin Lace Up Boots]

I fell in love with these boots at first sight, but I'm not going to lie - they were an absolute pain to break in. I was painfully reminded of the time I had to break in a new pair of ice skates back when I was in second grade as I was walking around sporting a huge blister for a week. But the blister has healed and I'm frolicking around in my new boots, completely smitten with them.
[Shirt: old H&M | Necklace: Joy]
Isn't this necklace gorgeous? I'm so glad that my friend made me buy it. I was never the one for statement necklaces before, I always opted for the long necklaces that had a huge boho pendent on it. But I guess this year, I'm evolving into a different phase. I still love the long necklaces, but I might have added a couple of these statement pieces into the rotation for the coming season. 
I wear a lot of basic pieces so I had never thought to put any outfit posts here on the blog. What do you guys think? Yay? Nay? 
Note: darn it, this was supposed to be uploaded 7 minutes earlier...when it was still the first. but well, you guys get the gist. 
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