the spring fashion sidekicks


[ring: Taiwan | earrings: Accessorize | headband: New Look | eagle necklace: threadsence | floral crown: New Look]
Come round Spring and there goes my bank balance. While everything is covered up by a warm jacket-slash-coat in the winter, spring is the season where the scarves and accessories come out to play once again. I always go on a rampage in stores when the florals and pastels start showing their faces on shelves, especially in the accessories department as, let's face it, chances are I'm 90% still going to be living in a simple tee and jeans. 

[top left statement necklace: H&M | bottom left: Joy the Store]

I have 2.5 sets of piercings on my ears (the 0.5 missing is the healed third piercing on my left ear) so naturally earrings are staples in my collection. I'm quite lazy when it comes to changing the top two sets, and usually they're on a weekly rotation minimum. But the main piercing, well, that's a whole different story. I used to be all about the big, music festival cross boho chic earrings, and while I still love them, they're not the most practical for everyday wear. On the days that I do remember to pick out a pair, they'll tend to be the smaller, but still slightly boho chic.

When it comes to necklaces, I used to be all about the long ones that had a huge pendant. Recently I've been captured by the shorter 'bib' statement necklace trend and am absolutely in love. I'm starting to realize that all the ones that I've picked out are gold, but I guess it'll stand out more against the plain white tees I tend to go for. 

I was never the one for hair accessories as I usually just throw everything in a bun or do some fancy-looking braids. But being the typical blogger and music festival wannabe, I've had a love for flower crowns that just couldn't be curbed when I saw this dainty daisy crown that's perfect to add a tinge of music-festival into everyday. You can see me wearing it here, doesn't it look festive?

Scarves are by far my favorite way to add some color into my spring/summer outfits. Especially since most of the time, I'm a blank canvas with my white t-shirts. I love the long, flowy, oversized scarves that you can also use as a shawl when in air conditioned rooms. They're inexpensive but can instantly make your whole outfit go from 'eh...okay' to 'fabulous'. Simple as 1, 2, 3.

As an overall trend, I'm in love with turquoise if you can't tell. And then there's the obvious boho chic cross music festival vibe that I strive for. Think a wearable and a lot cheaper Free People catalogue, that's my wardrobe model right there. 

What are your spring fashion sidekicks? 
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