[The Update] Cupcakes and Crazy #24/25


The past two weeks was definitely gluttony on so many levels - there was an abundant amount of food (yes, even more than usual), catching up with old friends, going crazy with new ones, drinks, and as always, full of school work. But that's a whole different kind of gluttony. 
(oh, you know, casually reenacting the scene in ET through the windows of Starbucks)
(The lemonade I have dreams about) (Thank you, Litta for taking these amazing photos!) 
An old friend who's studying in Paris came to stay with me for the week. Although I had classes and massive amounts of school work to attend to, I still adjusted my schedule to hang out with her and catch up. There were a lot of burgers, coffee and cupcakes included as we gushed over new makeup releases that weren't available in the UK yet. Of course, as girls do when they meet up, we went on a couple shopping trips, resulting in her returning to Paris with triple the amount of makeup she came with while I got several new Spring fashion essentials. Well, I say essentials. 

After being frowned upon by the people downstairs at reception for not taking my friend anywhere other than Oxford Street and Honest Burgers, I took their advice and us two girls made way to the Hummingbird Bakery in Soho and oh lord, the brownies. The brownies! I'm a brownie freak and it takes a lot for a brownie to live up to my standards, but let's just say I wish I had two mouths when I was inhaling my half of the chocolate goodness. 

This week, after handing in an annoying essay, I finally got to meet up with Jaye. In a nutshell, 'crazy' is probably the only term I can use to describe this girl. She starts stories with 'and then a penguin came up to me and took my hat' and we had conversations in public that probably scared the rest of the people on the bus. We also braved Oxford Street while the both of us were on a spending ban and after being terrible and prompting each other to buy things, we walked away with two misspelt Starbucks and yummies from Ben Cookies. We already have our next meetings in talks, and if you don't yet read this wonderful crazy lady's blog, you're missing out! 

As if meeting up with Jaye wasn't exciting enough, I decided to brave central London on a Saturday night. Going out once in a blue moon, it was surprising that I only took 30 minutes to get ready and it's an understatement that I got quite a few compliments that evening. It definitely made my night. 

The flatmate and I went on a 'date' at an amazing Italian restaurant in Soho. I say 'date' because that was obviously what the waiter thought we were on and was directing all questions towards my flatmate. It's safe to say that between our crazy family stories and the two of us deciding how to split the bill, the waiter was shocked at the outcome of the 'date'. We later joined up with Annie, who despite being in London since September, has never been to a bar. We made way to the Sky Lounge at Tower Hill to meet up with my other flatmate and his friends. It's been a long time since I last had a Mojito and I really missed it! The view that was overseeing the Thames was breathtaking and the laughs and conversations I had with friends made it a great night! Also, seeing my usually composed flatmate a bit tipsy was also a plus. I don't go out enough, but other than trying to brave Piccadilly Circus at 9pm on a Saturday night and trying to ignore the pervy stares from pervy people, I'm not opposed to going out more after the sun goes down.

I said the past couple of weeks was pure gluttony, and Sunday was no exception. London had decided she had enough of winter with the sun shining bright. For the first time in months, I went outside sans coat and wore my new floral sunglasses for the first time. Annie and I exploited the weather and walked to 'Le Mercury' for a lovely lunch. The food and the service was absolutely amazing, the only damper was the coffee didn't live up to the ridiculously high standards of the other foods. Despite being a French restaurant, I had my first Sunday Roast that screamed English. But the best part of the meal was definitely the dark chocolate tart. I sounded like a broken record, saying 'ohmygawd' with every bite. I don't think I've had this amazing a chocolate tart before, it was like eating a slice of rich, smooth chocolate. The only thing missing was walnuts. But then again, I just really like walnuts. 

Spring is definitely on its way. I'm going to miss the cold winter, but I'm looking forward to the change in wardrobe! How was your week? 

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