under £10: the Laura Mercier dupe


It's a known fact that I don't call things 'dupe' lightly. Alternatives, comparable, maybe, but the word 'dupe' is too often over and misused. However, I've finally found something that I can justify using the word 'dupe' and it's a good one. I've been trying to find a good alternative to the limited edition Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Turquoise for a friend for long months now. I've come close a couple of times color-wise, but this time I've finally hit jackpot.

I was in the Kiko store with Jaye a couple weeks back, swatching away without a care in the world when a corner of the store caught my eye. Other than being a matte black packaging, the Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows, down to the color tab at the end, was a replica of Laura Mercier's offering. The product itself was almost a complete dupe. Quite honestly, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the dupe and the high-end if you gave it to me in a blind test. The long-lasting part is no joke, I swatched both Kiko and Laura Mercier on my hand and forgot to take it off, a shower and a night's sleep later, both of the swatches had barely faded. In fact, I had forgotten which swatch was the £20.50 and which was the £4.90 dupe. Don't believe me? Try telling the two swatches apart in the above photo. 
Kiko definitely isn't the most accessible brand, but with a minimum of £25, the online store is quick and easy. At £4.90, this perfect dupe of the Laura Mercier has 32 different shades, so from neutrals to brights, from champagnes and taupes to this bright turquoise, there's definitely an eye crayon for everyone to paint their lids with.
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