an announcement: if you want a glimpse of my life


I know, I don't usually post Tuesdays, but this announcement couldn't fit into my regular schedule, hence the impromptu post. I finally decided to start a personal blog where I can try and figure out what the mess in my head means. Although I doubt I'll get anywhere. 

'remember, turn left' is going to be a life-centric blog with the regular Daphne-esque rambles. Don't worry, the usual bi-weekly Update will still continue. Think of 'remember, turn left' as a cross between a journal and a life documentary.  

If you want a glimpse into my life or the source of the ramblings that happen more often than not, or if you just want to see the meaning behind the name, feel free to hop over to 'remember, turn left', and if you're curious and want to read more, then I'm also on bloglovin here.

Yes, this is a legit announcement. Definitely not an April Fool's joke. 
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