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Let's face it. Packaging matters. Sure, the actual product inside is important, and we're not supposed to judge a book by its cover. But sometimes, a pretty box is better than an ol' shoe box. The same goes for makeup. Sure, I'll still buy the product if I hate the packaging, but only if it's brilliant and/or I can depot the thing. Otherwise, chances are, being the stupid consumer I am, I'll cry and be persuaded to throw some  extra cash for the pretty packaging. 

There are certain brands that can do no wrong in my eyes. Bobbi Brown is top of the game with the polished, sleek packaging. This is the perfect brand for makeup hoarders that have limited space as I don't think I've seen a product from them that has unnecessary bulky packaging. Another brand that I love for the simplicity is Laura Mercier. It's a no-fuff brand that matches to the brand's natural and simple philosophy. One of my favourite things about them is they have minimal branding on their limited edition products, like the Artist Palette for Eyes. Laura Mercier isn't as good as the 'no bulky packaging' game as Bobbi Brown, but it's up there. 

Clinique is a brand that I haven't dabbled much into. But the two makeup products I own from the brand has completely stole my heart. The mirror top of the Clinique Single Eyeshadow is handy when you want to find that single shadow in an array of shadows. Also, it's just nice to look at. Another product that I've been obsessed with ever since seeing the first image of it on the internet is the Clinique Cheek Pop. This is the product that I bought purely for packaging. I mean, just look at that daisy imprint. The product itself, turning out to be fantastic, was just a brilliant bonus. What I really like about both these products is the clear packaging around it - things are always better when they have a clear outside. Like the clear plastic phones with rainbow insides that I always wanted when I was a kid. 

A brand that is almost complete opposite to the former brands is Tarte. It's sleek, simple with a tinge of quirk. It's a fun brand that has the au natural philosophy plastered tastefully on the packaging. Their Amazonian Clay Blushes win at packaging with the stackable, no fuss, sleek packaging. The quirky bamboo detailings on the foundations are definitely a win in my books. The only thing I have a slight complain with is the Tarte Glamazon Lipsticks, while the packaging is ridiculously cute, it is unnecessarily bulky and gives off the illusion that there's a lot more product than it actually contains. 

Topshop is another brand that runs along the same lines. It's either a love or hate for the matte white packaging with handwritten labelling, but it's a winner in my books. I just love the polka dots or the stripes that's slightly undone and quirky, complete with the wonky handwriting.

I couldn't mention a pretty packaging product without mentioning The Body Shop Honey Bronzer. If you wave this in front of me, I would've never guessed it was from a brand from the highstreet that had sales so often, it's ridiculous to buy anything full price. I've raved over the expensive-looking, sturdy packaging, compete with a pretty decent mirror several times already on the blog and on the youtube. I love how it even put detail into the honeycomb engraving on the product. There's just nothing I can fault about the packaging and the product. It's love. Oh and that rose gold packaging, just look at the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Concealer. Have you seen anything more gorgeous? Along the lines of my praises for The Body Shop Honey Bronzer, it's everything I could ask for from a high street brand and more. 

I normally don't buy a product purely for the packaging, but I won't lie, if something is pretty, chances are I'm more likely to skip a meal to buy it. How about you, do you buy products because you're seduced by the packaging? 
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