[the outfit] the green bag


[ top: H&M | jeans: Topshop | Jacket: Taiwan | shoes: H&M | ring: Accessorize & the Maldives | watch: Lucky Brand | bag: Accessorize ]
Well, I say outfit post, but it's more of a look at how pretty my new bag is!!! kinda post. After first seeing the coral version of the Georgia Winged Handheld Bag from Accessorize, I haven't been able to stop lusting after it. I stopped myself so many times because I didn't need it. And then I saw it came in green. A week and a half later, I found myself in stores, handing over my debit card and possessively clutching my new bag. 

Immediately isn't the word I'd use to describe how impatient I was to transfer the things into my new bag. A couple times a day, I'd find myself stroking and marveling over how beautiful this bag was - in a totally non-creepy way. Judging from the reaction I got on instagram, you guys seem to like this bag as much as I do. 

Right, moving onto the rest of the outfit. I've been loving this lightweight, slightly oversized jumper I snatched off the sales rack at H&M a while back. Unfortunately, I managed to be my clumsy self and dribble coffee on it. I had to dust off the housekeeper in me and wash it out. Now it looks good as new. Or it could pass as new. 

I've gotten a couple of questions regarding the staple accessorize I wear on my left arm/hand so here's the full breakdown. I got the double dolphin ring the day before I left the Maldives and the day after I passed the exam to get my PADI open water diving license. I love buying small knick knacks on vacations as reminders and memories, but this ring was special as a) I love dolphins and b) it had the diving license memory attached to it. The ring with the turquoise gem is from Accessorize, while there isn't a particular memory attached to it, I just love this ring. It's basically my jewelery taste in a nutshell. Both of these are sterling silver, meaning that I don't have to worry about them oxidizing as I'm too lazy to take them off everytime I wash my hands/shower. As you can see, I sport my fair amount of the old school friendship bands. Several years ago, my mom went into a crafty phase and braided loads of these. Since then, I'd always have one on my wrist. But just before I left for the UK last year, my sister and brother both braided one for me. I got caught up in the action and made one as well. So with the exception of my dad who wouldn't be caught dead picking out embroidery floss, the four I have on my wrist is a mini portrait of the family. 

So that's it. That's me showing off my new bag. I mean, isn't it just gorgeous? 
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