the periwinkle blues


I don't care if radiant orchard is the colour of the year, my pick (at least for this season) is definitely periwinkle blue. The purpley blue is the perfect combination of once my two favourite colours (I think that title is green's to claim at the moment). 

I was first introduced to this shade by Face Stockholm Nail Polish in Periwinkle Blue*, definitely a more greyish toned, purple blue. It's almost an exact colour dupe for OPI You're Such A Budapest. I was wearing this nail polish in this video while Jaye was wearing the OPI offering so you can basically see them side by side and how similar they are. 

Now back to the nail polish itself. The consistency of the polish is quite good, I like to use two coats to get an opaque coat. The only fault that I can point out is the wear time isn't that good. However, this polish doesn't chip. It peels. And then if you have terrible nails like I do and used to skip a base coat all the time, you're going to be left with weak, poor nails. So now, whenever I'm feeling for a muted periwinkle, I always remember to use a base coat. 

While Face Stockholm's offering was gracing my nails for about a month, I've recently been obsessed with Models Own Cornflower Gleam. Compared to the Face Stockholm offering, this is a brighter periwinkle blue that's more purple than it's photographing. I've been a big fan of Models Own nail polishes since I first tried one a couple years ago, the brushes are amazing, the consistency is superb, and the bottles are so darn cute. The new HyperGel line is no different, if a lot better. Used without a top coat, it has a really shiny finish that doesn't dim down even after a couple of days. And it's chip-free for at least 5 days, always good right? 

While it was mint green gracing the fingertips last year, I'm choosing to be a bit blue this year. Which colour has been gracing your fingertips for this season? 
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