the post-travel skin detox


When travel packing, skincare is the first thing I skimp on. A small, usually ineffective cleanser, and a small sample of a random moisturizer, that's most likely what the travel skincare is going to be consisted of. Especially when I'm bringing half of my makeup collection. I should know better. The consequence? Several of under the skin bumps, a couple of blemishes, and a shed-load of clogged pores. Why don't I learn? However, I've come up with a post-travel skin care detox routine that has worked to calm down the skin and regenerate it back to pre-travel state. 

I always go in with an exfoliator before using the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap. I make sure to at least spend a minute washing my face, making sure that the suds have worked their way into cleaning out those pores. Most days, it's effective enough, but to properly detox my skin, I always liberally apply the Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque (review), concentrating on the chin and jaw area, where I usually get my spots. After a good episode of The Big Bang Theory, I wash the masque away and follow up with a toner that's suited for the condition my skin is in that day. I don't usually use both the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (review) and the Trilogy Rosehip Oil on the same day as it's too much for my skin. But as I need to amp up the detox, I use these two products to sandwich my moisturizer before going in with The Body Shop Facial Massage. I have a review coming up on this funny looking device soon so keeping it short, it's fantastic! 

I've been using this routine for the past week and my skin, I can proudly say, has gone back to only the scarring that's on its way to fading away. No more pesky under the skin bumps, no more active blemishes, and definitely no more clogged pores. Do you have a post-traveling detox routine, or are you a good bunny that takes care of their skin while traveling? 
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