[the update] pancakes and a package #30/31


To those that celebrate it, happy easter! To those that don't, well, you don't need an excuse to munch on some chocolate bunnies (or if you don't like the idea of ripping a bunny's ear off, then I guess you could go for normal chocolate). 

24 hours after coming back from Belgium, I joined Jaye for a road trip down to the south of England to Bournemouth where I spent the next 24 hours exploring the quaint of the small town. I won't go into details here as I did a full journal post on it on my personal blog, 'remember, turn left'. But the essence of it is I'd probably be publicly punished on a fairly regular basis by water dunking if I lived in 15th century England, I did a mini photoshoot in the room where lords used to gather his people or to dine, and I had the most amazing pancakes ever! Seriously, light and fluffy, and almost like they were slightly fried with that slightly crispy outside, I'm drooling already. If you want to see more photos or read about the 24 hour trip, you can hop on over to the post here.

I'm not the biggest fan of Starbucks coffee as I think they're watered down and not worth the price. But that still doesn't stop me from going in - especially if I'm guaranteed to come out with lols. I'm hugely disappointed when the people at Starbucks don't ask for my name as it's pretty much 90% of the reason I'm choosing them over say, Costa. This week, I popped into Starbucks twice, both times without disappoint. Not only did I get the longest misspelling ever, the other time was the barista somehow managed to only get the DA part of my name right after I told her how to spell my name. Maybe it was too loud? I don't know, but I know that I love my name and the signs that creativity isn't dead yet. 

I think I might have found my most favourite quote of all time. Not all journals were created equal, and the one I got is definitely the queen of sass (well, one of the queens, the other versions in this series are also quite good). I've already jotted down some entries before going to bed and it does really help with the self-therapy. I already talked my friend to get another version of the sass journal called In My Humble Opinion which is basically filled with quotes on why people are stupid. I might or might have not also ordered a smaller pocket journal with quotes regarding reasons why I'm crazy-slash-dysfunctional. 
If you're following me on twitter, then you've most probably seen either my freak out session with Jaye yesterday regarding the package that came all the way across the pond yesterday. Vanessa, Jaye, and I have our routine crazy sessions almost every other evening UK time on twitter. When she found out my birthday is next month, she most probably raided the shelves of the local drugstore and sent over a package as my early and Jaye's late birthday present. Not cultured enough, I was exclaiming slight profanities while pulling out the products one by one. And can we talk about how cute the illustration is? And the girl says she can't draw anymore. Honestly, if you haven't yet checked out Vanessa's blog, then you should. Not only does she have the most gorgeous blog photos, she recently posted the most useful 'how to edit your photos' guide that has actually taught me how to use the curve function in photoshop. If that still isn't selling it to you, then note that Vanessa is dubbed as the crazy blush lady by yours truly as she owns 50+ blushes, so definitely go to her for blush advice. Oh also, she's hilarious. 

Granted, this week has been quite the quiet one. I'm in my last week of spring break before I start school again and face exam session that starts late May for me. *sigh* definitely not looking forward to that. In the meantime, I really need to get my act together and start on this essay that's due next week. 

On the school note, I'm starting a series called My Two Cents over on 'remember, turn left'. Most, if not all posts, are going to be related to school and uni - my personal experience and bits of advice I've gathered along the way. The first post is scheduled to go live tomorrow with advice on how to survive uni. If you're interested, then pop over for a look tomorrow! 

Okay, now I'm done with the post, back to the essay-prep I go. How has  your week been? 
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