under £10: the body shop facial massage


Never in a million years would I thought I'd have one of these facial massage/torture devices in my possession. My mom has a slight obsession with these things, but I never gave them much thought - Really, how much of a difference does it make? I am so glad to be proved wrong. 

I picked this up on a whim one unsuccessful shopping afternoon (see my problem? It's like I need to spend money), but thankfully it's been a great purchase. Let's back up for a bit. My skin, as I've complained many times afore, is not the best. I believe the technical term is 'temperamental with the annoying under-the-skin buggers and active breakouts'. It doesn't help that I tend to get lazy and skimp on my skincare every so often. But while I'm not that great at preventing breakouts, the entrance of this handy little torture-device lookalike has helped me in getting rid of them. 

I love using this after applying my facial oil of choice. I put on an episode of The Big Bang Theory and start to roll this tractor-wheel device along my chin and cheeks - the places where the blemishes like to hibernate. I will have to be honest here, it does sting a bit when rolling over the really big and raw bumps (sorry), but just focus your attention on the show. Focus. Other than pain, you don't really feel much of an impact this device has...that is until the morning after. Fortunately, this isn't one of those nasty bits that'll leave you with a hangover. (How did you even get here, Daphne?) Anyway, a self-example should take place right now. After skimping on my skincare routine for the past week due to travelling, my jaw had unwillingly conceived a triplet of under-the-skin-blemishes, with one being annoyingly over-nutritioned. That night, a drop of the Trilogy Rosehip Oil and a massage session with this Facial Massage thing, that huge bump that was originally the size of a small pea had reduced in size by 80%. Eighty per cent, folks! Two days later, it's just a tiny scar that I can easily cover up with foundation. If that story wasn't the last push you needed to get this (I mean, really? What kind of pitch do you want then? A sparkling ad with a dancing giraffe? jk), then the price tag might. At £6, you rarely have to even buy it at full price as The Body Shop runs discounts like they're giving out free candy. That's always good. 

Have you tried The Body Shop Facial Massager before? 
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