under £10: lipcote


I surely can't be the only girl out there that would rather skip applying lipstick than being paranoid all day, wondering if there's that tell-tale lipstick ring left after every sip of water or every bite of cake. If so, then you're welcome in advance for the thanks that you're going to be praising after I tell you the wonders of lipcote

In a nutshell, this locks in your lipstick - think a top coat for your lips. Looking more like a nail polish bottle complete with the paint brush applicator, apply a thin layer of this over freshly applied lipstick and resist the urge to smoosh your lips together before it dries. Also licking your lips before it dries is also strongly advised against, unless you like that icky bitter taste that comes with. Afterwards, feel free to drink as much coffee and tea as you want, stuff that cupcake in after polishing off a sandwich, all the while not having to check if there's that dreaded ring after every other bite. However, while preventing transferring, lipcote doesn't prevent fading. So you'll still need to reapply your lip colour of choice after some hours.

I hate taking a sip of coffee or tea and you have that lipstick print left on the rim of the mug, because then next time, I'm OCD and need to line up my lips to the print just because. But I'm too lazy for that OCD to kick in each time, so at under £4, this little bottle of funky-smelling, vile-tasting miracle in a bottle is a life savour. No seriously, try it out. Just keep away from nose and taste buds.
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