under £10: the MAC 217 dupe


Ah, the infamous MAC 217. Probably the most hyped up brush in the blogging world, and a rightly deserved one at that. This is the brush that got me into eyeshadow as it just made the application so darn easy. It's one of those 'do it all' brushes, from color placing to crease defining, and of course, blending, you can get your eyeshadow look done with this one brush. However at £18, it's not the most affordable brush and while I do want multiples of this, I'm not willingly able to part with that chunk of cash for it. 

But don't say I'm not good to you. While searching for dupes of this wonder brush, I came across the Blank Canvas Cosmetics E26 Blending Brush at under £6. Other than the handle being glossy and slightly longer, this is an exact dupe for the MAC 217. I've done a blind test with both these brushes, trying to tell the two apart just from petting the bristles and then proceeded to use one on the left eye and the other on the right, and I can tell you right here that they are exactly the same in quality and performance. 
With an affordable shipping rate that even I'm willing to pay for, this is a great alternative for those that are hesitant to splash out £18 on a single brush. Have you tried any brushes from Blank Canvas Cosmetics? Do you know of any other good MAC 217 dupes? 
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