let's talk tea + giveaway!


It's no secret that I'm a tea freak. For reference, I have a tea collection that can almost put my makeup collection to shame. And at the rate that it's growing, well, I'll probably need someone to go Boston Tea Party on my some time to use up the stash. I'm pretty brand-loyal with my tea and teapigs takes up a good half collection. 

Coming from Asia, I'm not unfamiliar with matcha, a highly concentrated green tea extract. After being drowned in English Breakfast and Earl Grey, I was searching high and low for my Asian heritage in tea when I came across the teapigs Modern Matcha Kit*. Complete with an electric whisk, shot glass, tea spoon and a 30-day supply of matcha powder, this kit has everything you need. 

It's a fairly straight up process, just fill spoon provided with matcha powder, dump it in the shot glass provided, add hot water and whisk. But remember to not top off the hot water over the top of the 'e' on the shotglass though. I've failed too many times with the boiling hot matcha spilling all over the place when trying to whisk the blend. I tend to take it a straight up matcha shot, but if you don't like the taste, I also like to replace hot water with a lot of hot milk to create a latte version. You could also add some into your smoothie or cupcake mix, the options are endless. 

I'm a person that's in constant need of caffeine to get through the day, but unfortunately, as I'm caffeine intolerant, I can't take as many espresso shots as I'd like. However, different from coffee, the caffeine kick from matcha comes slowly but strongly. So rather than a kick, it's more of a slow energy boost, perfect for people who tend to suffer from heart arrhythmia when having too strong a caffeine kick. What's better, is that I've found my energy base level has significantly raised since I started using it three weeks back. 

To let more people try out the wonders of matcha, teapigs was generous enough to provide another Modern Matcha Kit for one lucky person to try out. Just enter the rafflecopter below for a chance to win the kit. It will run till midnight May 30th. Unfortunately, it is just going to be an UK-based giveaway this time. For those that want to try other stuff from teapigs, don't say I'm not good to you, use the code sub at checkout to get 10% off (excluding cheeky buys, bulky buys and matcha kits). 

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