[the update] Gandalf and chinese takeout


The past two weeks have been a perfect blend of excitement and boring. I turned 23 last week, but it was a pretty average day as I was planning on celebrating over the weekend with friends rather than in the middle of the week. 

I was coming out of a revision class with my friend the second day of being 23, stressing over exams as we walked down the street. You know how you sometimes glance at the people that pass? Yeah, and guess who was walking towards us? Ian McKellen. Sir Ian McKellen. Gandalf. Magneto. Casually. Just walking down the street. I mean, WHY DOES THE MAN WALK??????? Doesn't the man have someone to drive him around? Doesn't he have an unicorn???? My friend and I were too stunned to stop him, but we had made eye contact and he seemed to realize that we were gawking at him and gave us a small smile before continuing walking. 

I would never think that I'd see him twice in a week, but after my friend telling me that the X-Men Days of Future Past Premiere was happening at Leicester Square, I had to go. I was already a big fan of the older version with Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, but it wasn't until the new generation with James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender was I completely converted to the series. The premiere did not disappoint, sure it started raining as soon as the actors started arriving, but luckily enough, my friends and I were standing under a clump of tree that umbrellaed the rain for us. Not only did I get to see Ian McKellen again (from afar), but we also had a clear (and close) view of the stage and got to see Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. Someone pinch me. Jonathan Ross was the stage host that day and of course, had the wittiest questions for the actors. In a nutshell, James McAvoy's accent, Michael Fassbender singing, Ian McKellen holding his own umbrella, Patrick Stewart's humour and the bromance between Magneto and Professor X. 

I had a huge I'M NOT WORTHY moment when this mahoosive package from House of Fraser arrived at reception. When HoF contacted me a while back asking me if I wanted to try some products, I was thinking a product, not let me give you half the stock amount of products. I'm loving the fragrance samples in this as I'm completely lost when it comes to that area but have been wanting to find my 'signature scent'. Now I have a place to start. I've been playing around with some of the products already and have already fallen for a couple of them. 

But the most lovely thing about this was the person that contacted me. She's an absolutely lovely person that is ridiculously quick at replying emails. I am not joking, I had sent her a pretty long email asking her a couple of questions and she had replied within the hour! House of Fraser, you are doing PR right. 

With exams coming up in weeks time, revision has become part of life. Which also means that the amount of food I'm consuming has skyrocketed. While I'm terrible at eating on time and have my meals all jumbled up, I'm great at inhaling whatever food is in close proximity. Which means that I have polished off bags of chips, inhaled a couple of pizzas, made several too many smoothies and gained a bit too much weight that I'll cry when trying to work it off post-exams. My new revision snack has been opening a new pack of Bear Yoyos as not only are they delicious and healthy, they have small cards inside that introduce a country. I know it sounds boring, but I love learning new facts, especially when they introduce the 'Tour de France' as a race where riders 'burn 252 double cheese burgers in calories and sweat enough to flush a toilet 29 times' 
These two photos have nothing to do with me, in fact I wasn't even there when these were taken. Emily (or some of you know her as 'my girl up in Edinburgh') came down to London last week and while I was stuck in my room revising while being taunted by the gorgeous weather outside, she and Annie made way to Hampstead to make the most of the gorgeous weather. Aren't they gorgeous???? (the answer is yes, btw) Barely any editing was made to these photos, and if you want to see more of how pretty London is on a sunny day, I'm pretty sure Annie is going to have a post on it soon. 
Revision is in schedule for the next several weeks, but hopefully, I'll have some fun events to decorate the otherwise bland and stressful period. What have you been up to lately? 
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