[the update] sassy journals and bad footwear choices #32/33


It was a slight challenge to put together this week's update as I haven't really been doing anything exciting. Activity is starting to simmer down as the new term starts and exam season comes closer. I don't start my exams till late May, but with a year's worth of stuff to revise, I really should start cracking. 

However, I still managed to meet up with Jaye twice in the past couple of weeks. Are you guys sick of me talking about her yet? If so, I suggest you take a nap and clear your head as this girl isn't going anywhere. Although she is a terrible influence to my sad and crying bank balance, grabbing a coffee (that of course, has my name spelled wrong) with her always cheers me up. 
After getting my big sassy journal that I'm completely smitten with, I tracked down a baby sassy journal on amazon for cheap that's just as amazing and I'm able to carry around everywhere. 

Speaking of dysfunctions, my friend that has been a dysfunctional relationship with her now-ex finally ended things. I might have played puppet in it, but for a friend, it's my good deed of the day. 

We're finally getting some good weather over the weekend with the sun shining. But it was a pouring city during the week, and of course, I had terrible footwear choices. The record is three pairs of shoes drying in a span of 12 hours. What can I say, I'm too optimistic on how resilient my shoes are to the rain.  

Say hi to my study buddy! School finally started again after a 5-week break. My classes are all messed up these several weeks as it's mostly just revision classes and no lectures. While I have more free time to myself (read: should be spent studying), I'm definitely going to miss certain classes and teachers. On another hand, an essay I didn't expect to get a good result on was handed back to me the past week. I was top of my class for the previous essay I had to hand in for this class, but bad time management resulted in a not-so-confident essay that I was sure would be a let down for the teacher this time around. But I was surprised to say the least when I got my score and feedback on the paper - still top of the class with, if you'll allow me to boost a bit, excellent feedback with an introduction that 'sets up the question extremely well and provides an excellent outline of the structure'. There's more that put a great big smile on my face that day, but I'll leave it out. 

The weekend has been a slow one for me. Between studying, going over budget management skills (poorly, I might add), and meeting the flatmate's boyfriend, I've been getting by with cups and cups of tea. I'm already applauding myself for putting on pants, don't ask me for more please. 
How has your week been? 
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