May Favourites 2014


Ah, May. As always, you were a complicated month, full of its ups and downs, but what would life be without the ride, eh? It's more of self-comforting than encouraging, but whatever you walk away with... I thought I was going to have a hard time coming up with favourites for the month as I haven't had time to play around that much, but whacha know, still came up with more than the average half dozen! I'm a constant surprise to myself. 

Let's get the most obvious ones out of the way first. After showing it in two posts and saying that I should probably put it in the monthly favourites, it's no surprise that the Rimmel Lasting Finish Mono Blush in Santa Rose (£3.99) on the list. The quality of the blush is on par with my higher end offerings and you definitely can't beat the price, aka you should go out and get this if you don't have it already. The Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation (review), Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer (£7.99) and the Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso have been to my go-to products for the past couple weeks. Quick, low maintenance and ridiculously amazing? They tick all the boxes.  
Now, with those out of the way. Let's move onto the new(ish) kids. After long months of wanting theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer (£16), I finally had it in my possession after Jaye gifted it to me for my birthday present. And let me tell you, it is worth the hype. I don't think I've ever seen anything so gorgeous! I was slightly skeptic when I saw it in pan, but with a light hand, it's the most gorgeous sheen. If you need one highlighter in your makeup collection, make it this. 

I've been putting down the powder shadows the past month and kept reaching for the Sephora Collection Jumbo Liner 12 Hour Wear Waterproof in Taupe. A gorgeous, metallic taupe shade (duh), I don't know about 12 hours, but it's definitely waterproof and won't budge after application. I've tried a couple of things from the Sephora Collection and so should you if you get the chance, the collection deserves so much more hype. Especially considering the price and quality. 

I don't show a lot of nail polishes in my monthly favourites as I tend to switch things up quite a bit. But the past month has been an equal split between two polishes with only a week break of wearing a third shade. I've ranted about not understanding the hype around Essie polishes before, but since a couple of months back, there has been the nagging at the back of my head wondering if I should give the brand another go as it seems everyone loves the brand. But at a price-point higher than my usual buys, I wasn't sure if I was about to spend that for something I was pretty sure I wouldn't like. That said, I've picked up Essie Chinchilly (£7.99) over a dozen times in the past year and one day, I just went for it. I'm so glad I did. I'm pretty sure the Essie polishes I had in the past was a bad batch as Chinchilly was everything I had hoped Essie polishes would be and more. I now understand why people swoon over the brush and the brand in general. Be still my bank account. 

Another polish I've been loving in the past 31 days is the Max Factor Glossfinity Nail Polish in Cute Coral (£5.99). The most perfect shade of coral that's definitely more cute than gorgeous, the quality of this polish is insane. It lasted me a good 6 days before even having the slightest chip. I can't believe I've never looked into the Max Factor nail polishes before, that definitely has to be rectified. 

Quite a lengthy post we have here. Oops. I guess not talking to people for a couple of days leaves me ranting online. What have you been loving the past month? 

P.S. If you're a keen reader of the blog, then you might have noticed that I had hijacked this week's update post for this. Not much justification as it's only been revision and an exam the past two weeks. Seriously. Chinese takeout for dinner last night was one of the highlights of my week.   
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