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Let's face it, blush is terrifying. I remember being traumatized by the image of a clown and refusing to go anywhere near blush when I first started wearing makeup. Hindsight it always 20/20, it wasn't until much later did I realize how much life could be injected with a light sweep of the brush. Today I'm sharing my top 5 blushes perfect for blush newbies, the ones that you don't need to worry too much about looking like a clown, even if slightly too heavy handed. 
NYX Dusty Rose (£6) was my first proper blush and is still one of my favourites to date. True to it's name, this dusty rose shade will be suitable to various skin tones. Extremely pigmented, this is one of those 'tap rather than swirl your brush in it' kinda shades. However, don't worry if you've applied too much and look like you have a serious sunburn, there's nothing that a buff with a clean blending brush or even your foundation brush can't fix. 
More on the peachy side, Rimmel Santa Rose (£3.99) shouldn't be unfamiliar to those that have followed my blog for a while. This drugstore buy is perfect for bringing some life into an otherwise zombie face. Although it looks like there are slight chunks of glitter in pan, it transfers to a beautiful skin-like sheen upon application. 

Another peachy drugstore buy, Milani Luminoso ($7.99) is another blush that has the quality on par with higher end offerings. Luminoso is great for those that are wanting to get into blush and highlight, but not sure of where to start. The sheen in this baked blush gives the gorgeous sheen that allows one to skip highlighter as it immediately perks up the whole face with a beautiful glow. 

The cutest blush in this collection, the velvet texture of the Clinique Peach Pop (£16.50) makes it a blush not only great to look at but also fabulous in terms of quality. Almost a hybrid of cream and powder, this blush instantly melts into your skin upon application and gives a glow from within sorta look. Who doesn't love that? 

Last but not least, for those that want a more neutral colour, you can't go wrong with Tarte 12-Hour Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed ($26). Described as a 'nude shade' by the brand, this is one of those shades that add life back into the face without actually adding colour. Like the NYX offering, this is one of those 'tap rather than swirl' shades as it's extremely pigmented. 

Blush is a miracle worker, it can resurrect one from the living dead (not literally). But it can be scary, I hope that this broke down the barrier for those that are just starting out. What are your favourite beginner friendly blushes? 
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