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It's quite rare to see my nails bare on a regular occasion. Unless I'm extremely busy or about to leave for vacation, if a nail colour has a hint of chipping, then chances are I'm going to be giving myself a manicure that evening. With the torture that I put my nails through, it wasn't a surprise that my nails were peeling, brittle, and sad to a ridiculous level a couple months back. It was the vicious cycle of nails looking terrible, hence cover it up with pretty colours, resulting in nails degrading...etc. It came to the point where I couldn't stand it anymore and set myself on the mission of finding redemption for my poor, tortured talons. (really, Daphne? talons?) 

One would think all nail polish removers were created equal, but I know better. While the Cutex Strengthening Nail Polish Remover (£1.60) does contain acetone that would normally aggravate nail peeling, but as it's aimed for brittle nails, I guess there's something in it that counteracts the effects of the said ingredient.  

I've found that a good base coat does make all the difference, and not just in terms of stain-preventing and longer-lasting nail polish. I've gone through different treatment base coats aimed towards brittle and peeling nails, but they either didn't work or while hardening my nails, just dried it out and made it even more peel-worthy. But I finally hit jackpot with the Sally Hansen Miracle Cure (£9.99). A thick, goopy, almost gel-like consistency, I saw a difference the first time I used it. Fast forward a couple months, my nails are as happy as newly plastered wallpaper. 

To maximize the wear-time and shine of the polish, the Sally Hansen Mega Shine (£6.39) has been a good friend of mine. Not only does it prolong my nail polish by a good several days, it's also a quick drying top coat. Shine, prolonging, and quick-drying? It's ticking all the boxes and for under £7, what more could a girl ask for? 

The only small complaint is that the packaging for both of these are horrendous. Don't get me wrong, I'm a nerd that appreciates all things sci-fi, but not in the form of nail polish bottles! 
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