[the update] graduation, now what? (and other life updates)


When I stepped out of the exam room last Friday, it hit me that my long undergrad studies had taken its bow. Five years, ended with a (hopefully) well done exam on possibly my favourite subject taken in the past half decade. That's what it is, half a decade I've been in uni. And now I'm closing that door and moving on. Slightly unnerving. 

So what now? 

I'm just not ready to face the big bad world just yet, and quite frankly, while I whine about exams and deadline weeks, I really really love studying. #nerdpride The thought that there's infinite knowledge waiting to be discovered and absorbed is daunting and thrilling at the same time. The dual reasons led me to continue my 19th year in school to do a masters programme. Yup, 19 years. I've probably been in school longer than some of you out there. I've been in school longer than my sister has been on Earth. 

If you follow me on instagram, you'll notice that I mentioned being 'on site' earlier this week. In short, the new dorm I'm moving into next term is owned by the same company that owns the building I live in now, and I was looped in last minute to help them film a promotional clip. It was filmed at the new building that I'm moving into next term, which is currently still under construction. So after getting a preview of the room and trying to look natural taking clean plates out of the dishwasher, I had to put on the complete oversized neon yellow vest, hardhat, and construction boots to explore the rest of the site. 

It was my first time on a construction site, so needless to say, I was excited. Neon yellow definitely isn't my colour but I really want to adorn the whole uniform some time again. 

All in all, there wasn't that much going on in the past several weeks. I did pretend to have a social life post-exams evening when I went out for drinks and laughs with friends after a really depressing Spain-Netherlands World Cup Game (really, Spain, really??? The 5-1 result was only slightly ridiculous. *hint* heavy sarcasm *hint*). 

What has been going on for you? 
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