"you're a grown woman now"


...said Katy after she practically virtually wrangled me into buying my first ever proper fragrance. As shock horror as it seems, I've never owned a proper perfume before this. I think the only thing resembling 'a glass bottle of liquid with the sole purpose of making one smell good' was the Bath and Body Works White Citrus Perfume. I just never thought that I needed to spend a bucket load of money to make myself smell good when I had a constant stream of compliments on how well I smelled. No seriously, you don't understand, I had a friend in highschool that would come up and sniff me everyday. I'm not making this up, and my high school didn't accept students in forms of dogs. 

But maybe as I've become more mature and sophisticated over the past year, I've been wanting to find a signature scent for a good several months now. Ah - who am I kidding. I just needed an innovative excuse to spend more money. Also, mature and sophisticated aren't two words I'd use to describe myself. It's the mentality and to deceive people into thinking that I am the two words I'm not, I finally decided to 'be a grown woman' with the purchase of the Chloe Eau De Perfum (£58). I've sniffed this several times in the past and have been quite fond of the iconic fragrance. Even if I'm just wearing a tee shirt and jeans, it makes me feel like I'm wearing pearls and an evening gown. 

I thought my perfume quest would be done with this one purchase, but I'm slowly starting to realize that this is too sophisticated for my daily wears, and a girl needs her variety. I'm building up a growing list of fragrances to smell and hopefully, find one for daily wear. So far, the Roberto Cavalli Aqua EDT is topping the summer fragrance list. As always, I'm open to recommendations, so leave a comment below on your favourite everyday/summer fragrances! 
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